6 thoughts on “Why is Rabbi Ascherman a Criminal? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Very true–I had the opportunity to see Rabbi Ascherman speak near my campus last semester, and he truly is an inspiration. He dramatically changed the way that I view the Middle East conflict. My thoughts are with him and his family.

  2. You are forgetting that Israeli law allowed and encouraged settlers to go to Gaza. You can’t hold settlers in Gaza to “international law and wishes of the US” while Palestinians are not. Another point I don’t see in your commentary is the security question. Were those houses demolished just because they lacked a permit or could it be a security threat as well? When terrorists are housed or allowed to attack from such neighborhoods, extreme measures may have to be taken and it’s in that context that you must analyze the punishment’s weight vs. infraction.

  3. No, you are only partially right about your first statement. Israeli law allowed them to settle certain communities. But it did not allow them to erect many of the most controversial settlements. It did not allow them to erect many outposts & settlements which even Israeli authorities concede were not authorized. Besides, merely because Israel authorized them to settle there does not make it right. It is wrong. The world says it is. The UN says it is. Every U.S. president including Bush says it is. Israel may say the opposite, but then it cannot pretend that it is a member in good standing of the world community since it flagrantly rejects those rules & laws it finds inconvenient (much like the Bush Administration by the way).

    I don’t see any way in which you can say that the Palestinians are not being held to international law or U.S. wishes. YOu should clarify what you meant as it sounds pretty fuzzy to me.

    And you’re wrong again (& should read the link to the article in my post) about the demolished home being a security threat. THe article clearly states that it did not have a proper permit & says nothing about it being a security threat. Besides this home is in East Jerusalem where I know of few if any demolitions done under security considerations. I know all about security considerations compelling Israeli forces to demolish homes. You don’t need to go over that territory here. Besides, these Israeli demolitions are also a violation of international law because Israel does absolutely nothing to make whole those whose homes they destroy. It is an unconscionable act on Israel’s part & one which only adds to its bitter enemies.

  4. He is not in the slightest self hating, he just reaslises that treating people like animals is not part of Zionism, it is a twisted version sullied by the racist policies of Sharon. Israels actions are simply unacceptable and if the people of the USA (who value freedom and justice above all else) actually realised how these “operations” destroy families whose only crime is to live, they would stop being so sympathetic to her cause.

  5. The true values of Judaism cannot be abandoned when we established a Jewish state. I believe this is what he is indeed showing us.

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