3 thoughts on “How Jewish GIs Became Slave Laborers in Nazi Concentration Camps and Our Government Covered it Up – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I think what they did is horrible. I wish somebody would treat me like that I would rather take death rather than getting tortured like the jews were. I just can’t beleive it. That is really sad! The Nazis are the sickest people I know.

  2. i am so hurt by what i see. and know of this war. this war was a war aganist jews only. it had nothing to do with countries fighting for oil, or land, or territory. it was simpley aganist people. jewish people. i am not jewish! but so what if i were. i am a person. i have two eyes, ears, a nose and a heart that beats to make me live. and my heart also loves. just like the jewish people.

    I will never understand why people are aganist jewish people. weather they read the koren, or the Holey bible. we all know that jesus was a jew himself. and to be tecnical it was the romans who ordered the jews to kill jesus. i’m not going to get into this bible stuff because i know nothing but a small fraction about it. but i do know that jesus was our savior.. all of ours. weather we were jewish, polish, american ect….
    we are all people, we are all his children. so i will never understand why this war happened. it should have been called THE WAR AGANIST THE JEWS!!!

    I sit here and I scratch my head and i say to myself. why am i even writing this. like what i think really matters. whats done is done. and then i realize that over 6 million people lost their lives because people like my fellow americans did NOTHING!!. maybe they need a thank- you, for comming to the rescue after 6 million lives were gone. I don’t think so.

    All I think they are worthy of is nothing. with a capital N.

    I use to be proud to wake up and be an american. now i only wonder why I live in such a cowardless country. being an american use to be a privlage, now i see it as a punishment.

    words can not explain how i feel. i only wonder why it took america so long to help end this war. i will never feel pleased with any answer, because there is none. even why? don’t matter now. it’s way to late. and six million reasons why I feel they way i do.

  3. I agree with lisa. My mother used to work at a retirement home and she was a chef. One day she brought home a book that was given to her by one of the people that lived in that home. It was called The New York Times News Articles from 1920-1987. She told me go ahead and read it my friend says it will tell you the truth about this country. I looked at her VERY puzzled and opened the book. I wanted to start at the 1930 so i did. When i got to 1935, I was shocked. I realized that HItler had been in office in that time. I kept reading and could not understand why America took so long to get the army into Germany.

    I was 12 at that time. I figured out at that age this is not a Country I am proud to live in. As Lisa said living in America is a punishment.

    But more than 6 million people died in those 12-15 years. It has been estimated to about 15,000,000 people all together.

    I am doing research for my speech class and i watched videos on youtube that show how these Nazi treated these people. I cried every time i saw a new video. And now i cannot hold my tears back and even know i HATE to be called an AMERICAN. I prefer to be called Italian.

    I had always thought good of this country. But when I saw these articles about 2 years ago i hated this country.
    And there are stupid fucks that say ” the Jewish Got what they deserved” and really i beat up a kid that said that in class once. And i dont believe any person should be treated differently because of religion, race or their beliefs.

    Antonella Cantu,14 years old,A PROUD ITALIAN

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