5 thoughts on “Brit Tzedek Attacked by David Horowitz’s FrontpageMagazine.com – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Just thought that I’d point out to anyone who was confused: the editor David Horowitz in this article is NOT the same David Horowitz who edits The Jerusalem Post newspaper (I was somewhat confused, at first).

  2. Sorry, Colin for any confusion. Around these parts (that is, the U.S.) , David Horowitz (of FrontpageMagazine.com) is a famous rabid right wing intellectual who attacks all manner of “left-wing” bias in the media & popular culture. He has a very interesting story and left wing pedigree which he turned on in the late 1960s (complicated story). Converts always are the most zealous in defending their new religion & denouncing their old.

    I do not read the Jerusalem Post (far too right wing for me since the now disgraced Conrad Black took over & remade it in his Murdochian image) & so did not know the editor has the same name as the other DH.

  3. Lord, you have a strong stomach to read Frontpage.

    They (Jewish ultranationalists) really can’t stand the fact that we even exist, can they? They’re so intent on giving the impression they speak for all Jews. They actually speak for a small rabid minority – and they count on the rest of us not to be paying attention. Except sometimes we are.

    You go Richard.

  4. Horowitz offers a pamphlet, “Campus Support For Terrorism,” on
    his web site that features a photo of Rachel Corrie on the cover.
    I e-mailed him my disgust at this slander of a dead person and he
    replied, “And what is it that you think she was doing in Gaza?”
    Horowitz and his like-minded hacks would be right at home riding
    with “Witchfinder General” Matthew Hopkins in 17th Century England.
    Hopkins accused innocent people of being in league with the Devil.
    Horowitz accuses them of being in league with “Islamofascism,”
    whatever that is.

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