4 thoughts on “Wanted: Comprehensive World Music Song Download Site – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. FYI — The labels I work with, NorthSide & Omnium, have been working on getting into the iTunes Music Store from the beginning. Apple has been glacially slow to approve our application. Likely other world music labels are in the same situation.

  2. eMusic.com has an OK world music selection; at least enough to be worth a look. They have decent selections from Shanachie/Yazoo; Buda Musique (including the Ethiopiques albums), and many more of those smaller labels you mention. I like the pricing model of emusic, which is a monthly fee for a fixed number of downloads (at a net rate of about $0.25 per song). If you only want world music, it may not last you very long, but I’m managing to find enough interesting stuff.

  3. AllofMP3.com, despite the name, is a legal site to get MP3s from. They’ve got a large selection of international (pop) and world music, so they might suit your needs.

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