6 thoughts on “Madonna: Slummin’ Through the Kabbalah – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Wow. I am shocked at the rage that seems to pour out from this writers hand. Isn’t one of the principals of Kabbalah and many other religions..Do not judge anothers spiritual path?? How does this writer know what it is that Madonna is feeling when she sheds a tear or tears at a great sages grave sight?? I think that 7 years worth of study is quite a significant time. I think someone might need to check their envy bag. I wish and pray for you peace in your heart. And maybe a little…”get over yourself and let others live their lives in peace”.

  2. E. Murray’s comment betrays absolutely no knowledge of the Kabbalah. Nor does the Kabbalah say anything like what she claims here that it does say. So why should we grant any respect to her or Madonna, whose knowledge of the original sources of this treasured Jewish mystical tradition is almost nil? The superficial and artificial “study” of Kabbalah by such dabblers does this tradition a deep disservice. I wish they’d all move on to the next spiritual fad whatever it may be.

  3. I’m with you 100%. (I realize this is old news now, but having just found your blog I’m reading a bunch of back entries, and figured I’d weigh in.)

    Also, how fantastic to have studied with Daniel Matt! I know his work but have never had the chance to learn from him one-on-one.

  4. Richard: It’s easy to knock Madonna for latching onto a made up theology that is falsely preached as Judaism or a substitute for Judaism (the “kaballah” of the Kaballah Centre), but at least Madonna is trying to get closer to G-d, albeit in a very confused way. Your way of getting closer to G-d seems to be by bashing orthodox Judaism, bashing Israel, and supporting the Palestinian Arabs. Do you actually practice Judaism, or do you just mock people who do? Do you keep shabbos, keep kosher, study the weekly parsha (Torah portion), teach your children about Judaism daily, travel to Israel, contribute to Jewish charities (and I don’t mean anti-Israel charities)? Did you know that Tikkun Olam (“healing the world”) comes from the Aleinu prayer, wherein it says that we should “heal the world THROUGH THE SERVICE OR G-D?” That means that simply being an anti-Israel leftist (or devoting all your resources to non-Jewish charities/causes that aren’t necessarily anti-Israel) isn’t healing the world. There has to be a level of Jewish observance: service of G-d– that’s how we heal the world. By showing the nations that we follow Torah… Come to think of it, you shouldn’t knock Madonna because you and she are probably alike. You both are largely illiterate about Judaism, and you both have latched onto false substitutes for Judaism– in her case the false Kaballah of the Kaballah Centre, and you, healing the world in a non-Jewish observant, anti-Israel way.

  5. Ah, but there’s so much of Orthodox Judaism that deserves bashing, isn’t there? Seriously, I don’t bash things. I criticize when it’s warranted. I praise when it’s warranted. That’s goes for Orthodox Judaism and Israel itself. You’re dead wrong if you think I’m against Israel. Not at all & I’ve said this many times & in many diff. ways here. Israel is on the wrong path. If you want Israel to survive & thrive, she must get on a new path. Certainly you & Israel don’t want to hear this because going down that new path will be painful and difficult. But maintaining the same failed course will only lead to further disasters.

    I presume by “practice Judaism” you mean to express your doubt that I am an observant Jew (as if that’s the only type of “good Jew” there is). I’m not going to get into a litmus test with you to determine whether Judaism as I observe it is “good” Judaism or something less. Our rabbis did not force Jews, as Catholics do, to profess their faith in order to be accepted within the ranks. A Jew is a Jew whether he lays tefillin or not. Though many Orthodox Jews disagree with this, it is simply what the rabbis taught & it is you who introduce false litmus tests saying Reform Jews aren’t real Jews, etc.

    How dare you give me a series of tests I have to pass to be kosher. The sheer chutzpah of it! You don’t know anything about me & you dare to ask me what I do that makes me a Jew. I’m so angry at you I could spit!

    To say that tikun olam comes from the Aleinu prayer means that you have absolutely no knowledge of Kabbalah or Zohar. There tikun olam has a far broader meaning than in the Aleinu. In Kabbalistic terms, tikun olam meant doing all the things necessary to bring the world closer to the level of perfection necessary to repair the broken kaylim or vessels (hence ‘repairing the world’). Probably Kabbalists were referring to doing mitzvot. But there are many mitzvot that relate to doing good for your fellow human beings whether Jewish or not. That’s how I interpret tikun olam. It means doing everything in your power to make the world a better place. If you don’t like my interpretation you can go suck eggs. I didn’t ask you to like it or even to make a comment here.

    Don’t you call me illiterate about Judaism, you twerk. I spent 5 years studying at a theological seminary, two years studying at the Hebrew University in the Hebrew language curriculum and a total of eight years studying at undergrad and grad level in various Judaica programs. What do you know about Judaism that I didn’t know 20 years ago?

    Go back to your yeshiva & study some more gemorah instead of telling me I’m a bad Jew.

  6. according to me if madoona means esther is trying to improve and start her life from a new and new thing we should not object to it but it should now happen that a same thing should ever repeat and if you are being going to be kabalist you should be 7 times far from this things according to me you are doing wonderful job but just take cair about it and you should once again irepeat you should leave and farget your past life

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