6 thoughts on “Kepa Junkera: Basque Reed Wonder – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thank you, Richard. What a treat. We’ve been listening to the Kepa recording over and over, have visited his site and are now on to learning more about the Basque Country.

  2. Richard, I didn’t realise you were a fan of Kepa junkera as well.
    I think we must have very similar CD collections!

    Do you have much Astor Piazzola? I would have loved to have seen the two free reed masters playing together.

    I went a bit mad about a year ago and bought a bandoneon on ebay. Fiendishly difficult to play.

    take care and keep on listening.

  3. Richard,

    I finally managed to track doen some more Kepa Juunkera.

    Just in case you haven’t heard them, may I recommend “Lauu Eskutara” the CD he did with Julio Pereira, and particularly recommend “Leonen Orroak”, the one he did with Ibon Koteron, the Alboka player.

    Keep up the good work

  4. Steve: I have one Astor Piazzola album & I love his playing! I would’ve loved to get a chance to see him play period–with or w/o Kepa.

    You are one brave dude to take on something as complicated as a bandoleon.

    Thanks for those suggestions. I’ll be looking out for them.

    Kepa played here in Seattle again recently (a small Basque community here) but alas I couldn’t go (newborn twins don’t you know).

  5. I love the sound of the Trikitixa, however I play a keyboard accordion. Can I get tranposed sheet music from Kepa’s “Bilboa 00:00H” CD’s or any of his music for that matter. I hope playing his music on a keyboard accordion wouldn’t be considered sacrilegious. I’m too old to learn a new instrument. Is the Trikitixa hard to learn?

  6. For those of you who are looking for Kepa Junkera sheet music, there IS some sheet music for his early works all the way through to Bilbao 00:00. I am unaware of any further sheet music being published. The book: Kepa Junkera Triki Tixa has his bipgraphy, some history AND the sheet music. I have the book and play a lot of his music (I am a piano keyboard accordion player and a triki tixa student). Kepa is also a friend of mine, so if there is any information I can offer, feel free to contact me at mercedesmendive@gmail.com

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