2 thoughts on “Daniel Pipes’ Vendetta Against Tariq Ramadan – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Mr. Silverstein’s criticism of Dr. Pipes’ article and his personal attack on him is way off the mark. First, contrary to the snide remarks at the end of Mr. Silverstein’s letter, his comment is in fact posted on the Pipes web site.

    Additionally, despite the Silverstein accusations, note that Dr. Pipes has positively reviewed one of Dr. Ramadan’s books in 2000, and objectively assessed the ideas advanced there, observing that the author “has taken an important step … by writing a thoughtful and moderate analysis.” See the review at his site..

    In contrast, the comment written by Mr. Silverstein omits a complete review of materials available in the public arena on Mr. Ramadan, his writings and his interviews. To properly assess anyone’s stand on issues, one must thoroughly research a subject, and not allow one’s preconceived biases to color one’s determination. Dr. Pipes’ points, laid out in a column at his site were derived from articles in the media. It is too bad that Mr. Silverstein didn’t do his homework.

  2. It is Ms. Manley who has not done her homework. If she’d done any research at all at my own blog, she’d have discovered that I HAVE read quite widely about Ramadan and his works. I know of many of the sources Pipes quotes to question Ramadan’s sincerity & intellectual honesty. If she’d done her homework, she’d have also discovered that I’ve written two earlier posts about Ramadan’s work & analyzing it for possible anti-Semitic content. All she had to do (& which you too may do, gentle reader) is do a Google search within my blog on “Tariq Ramadan” & you will find all four posts I’ve written on the subject.

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