4 thoughts on “George ‘Muscle Man’ Bush at Air Force Academy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Pound it Mr. President”?!?!?!

    What were they thinking? That photo and caption nearly made me spit my coffee out all over my desk!

    Thank you for sharing…

  2. I am completely embarrassed. I cannot believe this man is allowed to be in charge of anything. Has he forgotten that he is no longer a cheerleader for a sports team but the President of a nation? He seems to be completely devoid of composure (and strangely enough, varied facial expressions).

    While speaking to the UN it was as if he was addressing a pep rally. Everything he says is obviously written by someone else, like every president, but he does not have the imagination or skill to make it sound like his own mouth is moving. Everything is a statement and remains very patriotically generalised and if anyone tries to pin him down he completely ignores them and/or is not witty enough to come up with any different sentences than what has already been said. A President for overly-religious yet Beavis and Butthead types.

  3. I would just like to point out that we as Humans enjoy having fun and Americans are no different. The President is supposed to be representative of the American people and I think a real work hard play hard mentality is exactly what we live by. So the fact that our President is someone who will pose in pictures and have fun is a much better quality than someone being a total robot. In addition, you mentioned that he was wearing a flight suit in a picture and “posing as something he is not” In actuality he was a pilot long before he was the President so the flight suit is as much who he is as a business suit. Also, he wasnt just posing in the flight suit, he had recently landed on the carrier and in a jet you are required to wear a flight suit. They happenned to take a picture of him in it as he walked away from the jet. If there is one person who is not in anyway trying to prove his manhood it is President Bush. As a Texas land owner, owner of the Texas Rangers, former fighter pilot, and leader of the free world; I think he proved his manhood a long, long time ago and knows that he has nothing to prove but be himself. If people took pictures of you constanntly they would catch you with a lot of stupid faces and doing strange things too, but that in no way means he is any less capable of being President.

  4. Phew, Kevin, I’m all in favor of having fun too & even some presidents are human some of the time so they’re entitled as well. But there’s a difference between having some good clean fun & making an ass of yourself which is what our dear old president did while this image was shot. Georgie is basically an old frat boy at heart & shows it clearly in this pose.

    And as for “posing as something he is not” you willfully ignored my point. I wasn’t arguing that he wasn’t a “pilot.” I was arguing that he never served as a combat pilot & hardly served any time at all even when he served in the Air National Guard. So he’s a poseur instead of the real thing. In case that word is a bit hard on your vocabulary…I’m saying he’s a FAKE. Now, is that clear enough for you?

    As for landing a jet on an aircraft carrier, why did he do such a thing? No president has ever pulled the stunt he did. It was all for show. He wanted a glossy visual that would impress his red meat supporters (like you) & he got it. I thought it was some of the worst grandstanding I’ve ever seen. And also keep in mind that this same incident was the one in which the president’s advance men hung a banner on the carrier’s flight tower saying “Mission Accomplished” referring to the Iraq war. Guess what, we’re now years later and Americans are still dying & the “mission” is nowhere closer to being accomplished than it was then.

    My problem with Bush as president (well, okay, just one of my problems) is that he continually feels he has to prove his manhood. In foreign policy, in domestic policy, in photo shoots. I’d rather have a president who was confident enough in his own manhood that he didn’t need to prove it every day & in every way.

    As for taking stupid pictures of me…no one (thank God) has ever taken a picture of me in a flight suit & no one ever will!

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