2 thoughts on “Ebay.com Fraudulent E Mails – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. As more and more people attempt to capture user information for more than just accounts created on our servers, the links are also masked as to where the link ‘reads’ ebay but if you review the address it goes to – it is an IP address.

    We are catching/stopping/terminating about 2 sites a day attempting to perform these actions from our servers to do what we can to ensure no one becomes a victim. I am unable to speak for the other webhosts who are also hosting the senders of these emails but, I can ensure you that we have the tracking in place that normally, within a few hours of the file being in existence, the entire site is locked down. This prevents malicious mail sending to capture funds.

    If you come across any email that has our domain name in the server, do not hesitate to send me the exact email ( with headers ) in the exact format you received it ( mailed as an attachment )

    I appreciate your assitance and hope this ensures that we are doing all we can to put an end to this before it happens.


    Mike Heath
    Technical Support Manager

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