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  1. Hi,
    Salaam_v_Shalom is another Mideast elist on yahoo, which those
    interested in serious discussions of peace might be interested in.
    (I should mention that I am one of the four moderators, two are Jewish,
    including me, two are Arabs, none are young men. :-))
    As for Mideast Web Dialog, it is run by a man who I believe is in his
    50’s. None of his comoderators would qualify as “young men.”
    Good peace list, good taste in music. I suggest checking out Laura
    Wetzler’s albums and Craig Taubman’s Celebrate Peace anthology.
    Salaam/Shalom, Carol

  2. Dear Richard,
    Thank you for compiling this list of Web sites and blogs. Mideastweb has a blog too – http://www.mideastweb.org/log/

    Two other interesting initiatives for peace that we should all support

    One Voice – http://www.silentnolonger.com – these are the folks trying to enlist Palestinian and Israeli participation in a “public peace process.” A lot of effort and money and good intentions have been invested in this.

    First steps to peace – http://www.firststepstopeace.org – an effort to organize apolitical peace marches in the USA and in Palestine/Israel.

    There are several discussion groups that support a two state solution. I do not know where you got your impression of the MidEastWebDialog e-group (if that is was you are referring to above). The records do not show you were ever a member. In any case, the list has changed a great deal since early days and people should find out for themselves. Guidelines are at
    http://www.mideastweb.org/mewdialoglist.htm . A second list that is civilized is Shalom v Salam (SVS) –http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SALAAM_V_SHALOM/ . Both lists are moderated and have fairly strict guidelines that prevent flaming and the sort of thing you complain about. Both lists require an introductory letter before prospective members can join.

    Good luck to all of us who are trying to promote peace.


    Ami Isseroff

  3. If you want to include in the Peace Directory, email lists for Israel-Palestine peace activities, I can suggest two:

    ActLeft for local Israel-Palestine peace activities


    Encounter-EMEM for international Israel-Palestine peace activities

    EMEM also has a list of peace groups which can be accessed at:

    All the best,

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