2 thoughts on “Judaism and Homosexuality: Conservative Rabbis Clash – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The acceptance rather than toleration of homosexuality is not “modern,” but foolhardy. And the notion that homosexuality is genetic rather social reflects the biological determinism of our era, not Judaism. The political spin of ultra-liberalism is distorting Judaism itself. Why is homosexuality so acceptable to the Jewish community? This is a hustle by the gay community. Halachic interpretations that minimize the gravity of this subterfuge are disingenuous. The attempt by homosexuals to have their relationships consecrated as marriages is perverse.

  2. While Micha’s views are preposterous, they ARE prevalent in the organized Jewish community especially among the Orthodox and those over 60. I’m happy to say that those in our community who are younger show a much deeper understanding & willingness to embrace homosexuals as full members of our community. Your views may remain the prevailing one in Orthodox Judaism. But Conservative and Reform Judaism (whose numbers far outweigh Orthodox Jews) will continue moving towards a more accepting and inclusive approach toward gay Jews whether you like it or not.

    YOu know nothing about homosexuality, yet you claim to know enough to say that it is “socially determined.” In other words, gays choose to be gays. Who cares whether they choose to be gay or whether the matter is imposed on them by genetic code? If they choose to be gay does that somehow render them less than full human beings? This question certainly has no bearing whatsoever on my argument that gays deserve full acceptance into the Jewish community.

    You laughably accuse my views of constituting “political spin or ultra-liberalism” and say they “distort Judaism itself.” And your views do NOT have a political component? Your views are of course deeply grounded in halacha and Jewish moral discourse, while mine are purely political and have no basis in Judaism itself. That’s laughable. If you are Orthodox you may rest confident that your community will remain forever locked into your benighted and prejudiced views. BUt I am happy to say that the Reform and Conservative movements (which far outnumber the Orthodox) gradually move closer and closer to my and Elliot Dorff’s views.

    How in God’s name can Elliot Dorff’s efforts to fully include gays in the Conservative movement be called a “hustle by the gay community” or a subterfuge? You’re arguing utter nonsense.

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