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  2. (oh joy, blog comment spam. you must be popular 😉 )

    I think the biggest “worry” for the blogsphere has been the AOL journal launch. Have not felt much from it though.

    Thankfully if one considers putting blogging into the hands of every Windows user a threat then it will be about 7 years before it makes much of a dent in anyway (adoption of Longhorn is going to take years).

    It would be nice to see an integration of personal information management and blog production software. e.g. with Microsoft Outlook. Also offline writing of entries in a nicer interface than a web browser is always welcome. I doubt MS would play nice with TP, MT, Blogger or anyone but their own blog host.

    >From a work/office/dev point of view there are many things which would be very useful as being integrated into blogs (and RSS). File log changes, Windows Event log, low resources (disk, memory), crashes etc. We already have our hosting servers Event log feeding to an RSS file which I have checked every five minutes from my desktop, very handy.

    File management would be nice to have integrated, even if through FTP.

    I think though that for most people hosted blog apps (like TP) is the way to go.

  3. Thanks, Paul for taking up my challenge and amplifying my own ideas with your own.

    Masao, thanks for linking to my site. I only wish I could understand Japanese and so read your own site. I’m amazed that I’m getting site traffic from Japanese (especially my posts about the Arts & Crafts movement! Must be your links, Masao. Keep ’em comin’!


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