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  1. Boo hoo, are you finished crying and started suckin on your teat again?

    Guess what? Nobody is perfect, mistakes happen. You seem to think modern telecom is flipping a switch? This isn’t freakin’ Little House on the Prairie and Nellie is flipping switches at the mercantile. There is heavy duty computer programming from thousands of disparate computer systems run by hundreds of various telecoms that have to talk to each other in their various languages.

    Qwest actually does fairly well at service; look at the even worse experiences you had with that other telecom. You seem to know it all, why don’t you startup your own telecom?

    As for the insinuation that all the employees there are idiots and from another planet, don’t you think they all have job requirements and they get demoted or even fired if they are so constantly grossly incompetant. This is a lean telecom industry bent on slim margins, not a government operation.

    So you didn’t have service for five days and you got a whole month of free service? I think they were damn generous for even that. In a business where they profit only $5-10 per month per customer, demanding such a disproportionate credit is akin to your newspaper missing five days and you demaning several months of free papers. You are plain ridiculous.

    We all know there is two sides to every story, and I wonder what the company reps would have to say about your attitude and interactions with them?

    I bet those ‘business’ lines in your home were not actual business lines, either. They were really residential lines, weren’t they, because you are too cheap to pay for the business rates. This is common among many at-home or part time businesses. If you aren’t paying the professional rate, you can’t expect the priority services.

    I have been with Qwest service for years in my residence and business. I have tried other telecoms and had my fair share of problems with every one of them. No corporation can be entirely perfect or entirely malfunctioning. Sack up and focus on some real problems in your community.

  2. Heo’s comment is so bellicose & over the top I just have to leave it up though I’m sorely tempted to put it where the sun don’t shine, which is where it really belongs.

    Heo even admits that s/he’s a Qwest customer service rep! With friends like the friendly Heo, Qwest doesn’t need enemies (but of course has it share of those by the tens of thousands). In fact, the insulting, abusive nature of this comment reaminds me of the quality of Qwest’s service, miserable.

    BTW, Heo’s accusation that the ‘business’ lines installed in my home were in fact ‘residential’ lines which I was using as business lines in order to scam Qwest out of a few bucks is downright false. My employer paid full business price for those lines. This guy (I say ‘guy,’ because Heo sounds like there’s a bit too much testosterone running in his veins) is incredibly cynical & jumps to the worst conclusions about human beings. Sounds like he’d make a great Qwest sales rep!

    With employees like this, it’s no wonder that Qwest is going down the toilet financially.

  3. I am doing some surfing on the web about Qwest and I have just read heo’s reply to your problem. I am a manager with Qwest and I can not believe his response to you Please let me say up front we are not perfect and I deal with problems like this often. I am a cable manager in Arizona and we do have problems there also.My solution to fix them is one customer at a time and I know at that rate it will take me a life time but please be assured that I will get it done for my customers and there are quite a few of us that do care and with their help one customer at a time times the many of us who care I hope to have this time frame a little less than my life time. For anyone and you that reads this I will put my contact number in this message to you. Like I said I am a manager in Arizona but I will get it right . I am a faithful believer in Qwest I eat sleep and dream Qwest and I am not alone my number is 602-930-3103 ( cell ) 24 – 7 My mission sir is to turn you around and believe in us (QWEST) once again, I can not change what has happened only prove what will happen
    Larry Lasky

    1. I am a Qwest manager also, and we are trained to tell the general public what they want to hear to get them off the phone. I’m good with that. But eventually it does catch up with us. However we are a utility and we are accountable only to the Feds. By the time a customer has exhausted our vast phone tree they usually give up. After all we are Qwest and customers really have no other options.

  4. Hi There,

    My name is Cyndi and I work for XO Communications. I am so sorry that you have had a bad experience with QWEST and I have to say unfortunatly, I here it every day from my customers. This is why my company is in business.

    XO is the largest CLEC in the nation and we do offer services in Seattle. I would love to help you if I can. Please email me how many lines you have at your office and I can get you a quote.


    Cyndi Lewicki
    Major Account Manager

  5. Well unfortunately this sounds all too familiar to me. Qwest has been pulling a similar scam with us as well. We are getting billed for two kinds of internet service at the same time, and get this, we don’t even have service with Qwest. I have contacted the BBB, the consumer protection agency, and even consulted an attorney. Every time I call someone from Qwest, they have to put me on hold, read the notes, talk to someone else, put me back on hold, refer me to someone else, then put me back on hold… I don’t think that anyone who works there has more than a fifth grade education. How could they possibly? They have now attempted to send us to not one, but two seperate collection agencies to collect all these past due charges that we never actuallt accrued. We still get a bill every month for internet service we dont have. Oh and the PUC cant help because they dont regulate internet service, so we are basically being forced into either paying for this or having our credit ruined. I think that Qwest is what happened to all of the NAZI’s after the war ended.

  6. Qwest is not a good company because they don’t do what they promised. They said we can save for the customize bundle but since when we got the bundle our monthly payment it went up. We called the customer service a few times but they said because of the additional taxes our bills it went up. We are only an ordinary people who try to make our monthly payments every month and this company like Qwest don’t have a heart they even over charged us. We are searching for a good and honest company so we can move.

  7. I also am going around the phone tree/transfer/call back loop with qwest.

    Find it interesting that employees say they are mistreated by their supervisors, yet when you ask to speak to a supervisor, it is as if they don’t exist.

    Finally got a callback from a customer service supervisor after 6 days! I thought their call back time was 72 hours. She said they are behind on their call backs. Well no wonder, with the bad service and constant transfers, probably everyone wants a supervisor call back.

    Get it together qwest!

    No wonder most of your plans require a 3 year committment. It’s the only way you have to keep customers for 3 years because it is certainly not your customer service abilities!!

    I am so dissatisfied I called their corporate office and get this……. I had to leave a message on a machine! Are you kidding me!?! Not even a real person to answer the call? What the heck is it with this company!?!

    This is a telcom and I can’t even find an email address to contact the CEO or assistant or anyone on the board. I was advised by a VERY HELPFUL TalktoQwest on Twitter rep that I could send a letter.

    I will send a letter but find it absolutely ridiculous that a telcom CEO doesn’t even have a public email address, I mean even if they were screened by his admin assistant or another group of employees at least I’d be getting my message to the Corp Office.

    What a bummer! Believe me, if I wasn’t committed with my contract I’d be gone. But in the mean time I’m going to keep calling writing and emailing tweeting blogging etc about my experiences with Qwest.

    To add to this in case anyone wonders…. I’ve not once raised my voice or gotten angry with any rep I’ve spoken too. I have been respectful as I know how it works and everyone is compartmentalized. It’s no fault of the employees it is a problem with the corporation!

  8. Qwest has a strict policy on missing days, which makes sense, however be careful because even if you come to work sick and get sent home it counts against you. Oh ya and if you are at your last possible day to miss and they send you home or even call and ambulance to get you, you WILL be fired. This happened to me. I had over 100 hours of vacation time to use. I called in, in the morning to get the day off because I was up all night puking. They said there is no slots open and I would have to come in or it would be un excused. I went to work and from the moment I walked in I was in the bathroom puking. I almost passed out and could barely stand. My manager told me I had to have someone come pick me up or they would call an ambulance. So I had someone pick me up and I went immediately to the ER. Well before that day I had missed a day from falling on the ice and hurting my back. I have scoliosis and was in a lot of pain. I stayed all day at work but had to see the doctor and chiro the next day. Well when I called in that morning they had no time open for me to use so it counted against me. That put me on final warning. Now back to the ER. I was put on an IV because I was extremely dehydrated from being sick. Well I was told it is going to take a few days to be better and I again called the next morning and they wouldn’t let me use my personal/vacation time. Well I ended up getting fired. Oh and when I applied for unemployment they fought it and I got denied. So now I’m in a big battle trying to get it going. Bad company. In today’s economy a company should take care of their employees but with Qwest it comes down to the mighty dollar and thats it!

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