3 thoughts on “Saar Threatens, Elkin Bolts: Is it the Beginning of the End for Bibi? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard I must thank you for this ongoing narrative. You confirm that the left in Israel is dead, or deader than ever. I have given up on Israel.
    We kept saying the wheels were coming off the Trump bus, outraged, and talking about disappointments here. It took 4 years. We almost had to deal with 8.Our system is better in that respect, or just better even with all it’s now apparent serious flaws. Israel is such a deep disappointment.

    I hope Biden can reverse US policy and agreements regarding Israel and related to Israel & Middle East countries tripartite deals that involve arms sales and annexations, declarations. We must. I fear Biden will not.

    Thank you and best wishes, health, good spirits in the New Year. We need some reckoning and reflection..which is why we have been sent back to our rooms.

  2. it could be it ay be except we have 3 egos and not a diplomat in sight
    benett is no pm material, neither is saar neither is lapid
    if these 3 can get to put the country ahead of themselves just maybe we can find a way to rid of bibi
    then again none of them is able to rise above their ambitions. so no we are still stuck in perennial election cycles or history will repeat itself with saar committing the gantz harikari or nothing happens we have 4 guys sitting in 4 corners and they cant see beyond their noses
    saar benett lapid liberman
    except saar and benett are fighting to the bottom line as to who brownnoses the settlers more
    settlers + orthos have the country by the jugular in other words the minority of less than 1 mill rules over 8.
    neither obey the pandemic rules that the rest must swallow.
    after i reread what i wrote i hope that none is able to form anything any gov. made of the right can lift the country. the reagan trickle down economics that these guys live and die by just doesnt work and none of them know any better, lapid may then again. the joke is on us or we are the butt end of an endless joke ,,, meanwhile the microsofts, facebooks, intels, and googles keep sucking our economy dry whilst a million are sucking and will keep sucking air
    happy new year and lets sya that 2020 was hindsight

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