10 thoughts on “Iran: Graphic Art Confronts the Virus – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. There is no limit to the gratitude we owe our health care workers.
    Kudos to Alireza Pakdel.

    Now if you are going to blame the Trump administration for hindering Iran’s response to the Corona Pandemic, you should also blame the Iranian government for it’s mishandling of this crisis.

    I also doesn’t help when Iran’s Supreme Leader accuses America of fabricating and weaponizing Corvid 19 and launching that bio weapon against Iran.



    1. @ Lemonade: You have a lot of nerve throwing shade at Iran for its response to the epidemic when we have to look no farther than our Fraudster in Chief, who lies to us daily about everything to do with this catastrophe. Not to mention (which you of course don’t) that the reason an Iranian cartoonist can praise health care workers is because in his own country these individuals are sacrificing everything to save their fellow citizens. You spit hate at Iran without acknowledging that. Shameful.

      So cut the anti-Iran s*t. It bores me and you bore me. Same old, same old. Ugh.

  2. Iran dealing with the epidemic is impressive.
    They are doing better job than many other countries.
    Why do you think they need the US help? Iran has enough technology and money to invest billions in nuclear science.

    1. @ Dina Schaiek: I’m always amazed at the level of ignorance some exhibit. Why do you think lifting suffocating sanctions against Iran would involve the U.S. offering it any “help?” It’s not help. It’s permitting Iran to buy critically needed medical supplies which they do not have and whose lack is killing Iranian patients. If they could buy such things (which they can’t), the U.S. Would not be giving it to them. They would have to pay with cold, hard cash. So how is this offering help?

      Even if Iran were swimming in cash, which it isn’t it couldn’t use it because of sanctions.

      And do you have any clue about what medical and health conditions are like in Iran? Of course you don’t. Because you want to natter on as if you actually know something, which you don’t.

    1. @ Dina Schaiek: No, I don’t trust the mortality numbers of Iran. Nor those of China. In fact, many health experts are saying all countries’ numbers are skewed by a number of factors which may range from deliberate fudging to save face to incorrect cause of death designations.

      Iran is one of the worst hit countries in the world. Do I believe that only 200 people have died per day there? No.

  3. “You spit hate at Iran without acknowledging that. Shameful. ”

    I have just praised Iranian health care workers, not to mention, Alizreza Pakdel for his homage to health care workers.

    I don’t “spit hate at Iran”. You are ‘projecting’ again.

    I support the majority of Iranians who want to see their mullahs, and their God-King Khameniei, toppled.

    More to the point, the United States allows many health care and agribusiness companies to do business with Iran, as part of a humanitarian exception to the United States embargo on Iran.

    Nine pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical-device corporations, all with special licenses, can freely trade with Iran. The list includes, Bayer, Merck, Pfizer, Genzyme, AirSep, Medrad, Becton, Dickinson & Company, Eli Lilly, and Abbott Laboratories.

    Even the American Popcorn Company is allowed to sell food to Iran.


    I’m done here. Let’s move on.

    1. @ Lemondae:

      I support the majority of Iranians who want to see their mullahs and their God-King Khameniei [sic], toppled.

      Primary rule here: if you want to peddle bullshit, but believe your bullshit is not bullshit, you must support your claims. You haven’t done so. Your claims is patently false. And you insult to Khamenei (who I do not support BTW) is offensive. Iranians have chosen their form of government. Until they choose a different form, no one gives a shit what you say about the government they should have.

      No pharmaceutical companies sell anything to Iran. Whether they have permits to do so or not doesn’t matter. They simply can’t because financial sanctions prohibit any such trade. And if these companies are providing product to Iran can you show us any of it? And show us when it was sold to Iran? Because I know the mess that is happening in Iranian hospitals, unlike you. They don’t have the most basic equipment which even badly stressed U. S. Hospitals have.

      As for popcorn, if that’s your idea of wit or snark, save it. Not funny, not even close.

  4. ” Because you want to natter on as if you actually know something, which you don’t.”
    I have followed your blog for some years. IMO the above is your standard answer with things you do not want to deal with objectively and of course, you ALWAYS know more about the subject than any commentator. I do no think I have ever seen an objective discussion on your blog.
    You probably won’t publish this but if you do you will give some kind of excuse and probably ban me also as is standard practice for you.
    You self hate is apalling.

    1. @ avram: Comments must contain a substantive argument that deals directly with the subject of the post. This comment is off-topic. Do not publish off-topic comments or you will face moderation.

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