9 thoughts on “House of Saud, House of Trump: Tale of Two Crime Families – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. @Richard

    “Kushner brought home the bacon: the Saudis pledged to buy hundreds of billions in U.S. military hardware”

    Fact check, please.

    There have been six State Department announcements of approval of Saudi sales, totalling just $4 billion, and, it was Obama who offered Saudi Arabia $115 billion in deals, about half of which resulted in actual sales.

  2. Cyber weapons, like Pegasus, tend to be double-edged swords, and a necessity in today’s world.

    “The Saudis had understandable reasons for arming themselves in cyberspace. Iran had reportedly launched the “Shamoon” virus in mid-2012, crippling tens of thousands of Saudi computers that took nearly half a year to repair. The kingdom also faced deadly terrorist threats, especially after the fireball of the Islamic State exploded across Syria and Iraq in 2014


    1. @ Fast Lane: Cyber weapons are no more “necessary” than nuclear weapons. And they are a double edged sword because the sword you raise will be raised against you. Proven by the hack (probably by Iran) of Saudi secret docs confirming that Kushner is a Saudi intelligence asset.

      The Kingdom faces these threats not because it is a poor pitiful victim, but because it is a brutal, kleptocratic regime intent on bullying its own citizens and its Shiite neighbors. Stop the bad behavior and the threats stop. HOlds true for Israel as well.

  3. The United states have always represented the interests of Israel in the ME. Kushner just made it more blatant than ever. The Saudi’s playing his wish to benefit Israel to further their own agenda; delicious that this came out now.

    1. @Elisabeth.

      The United States and Saudi Arabia have had a ‘special relationship’ that dates back to before World War 2, and pre-dates the creation of the State of Israel

      The United States wasn’t a real ally of Israel until after the 1967 War, when Israel proved itself a potent bulwark against the Soviet Union’s Arab allies.

      Israel’s main military patron had been France, and, President John Kennedy had worked very hard to prevent Israel acquiring nuclear technology, and Kennedy’s predecessor, President Eisenhower opposed Israel and her allies during the Suez War, 1956.

      1. Blah blah blah. In negotiations with the Palestinians the US have represented Israel for decades. Pro-Israel think tanks promoted the Gulf war etc. etc.
        “Potent bulwark” huh? How exciting. Sounds like the name of one of these Israeli slaughter campaigns in Gaza. Or maybe the next one in Lebanon. Always the good neighbor.

      2. @ Fast Lane: Not quite. The U.S. and Saudi Arabia have only had an alliance since WWII and it is solely based on Saudi oil. It is not based on values or any other commercial interests.

        The U.S. voted for Israeli statehood and has been an important ally since 1947. It is true that the current status of slavish embrace didn’t commence till the 6 Day War, but the U.S. was instrumental in Israel getting the bomb. It stole uranium with the help of Arnon Milchan and the U.S. did nothing to pursue the culprits. Kennedy and Johnson also looked the other way as Israel developed the bomb at Dimona. Kennedy permitted Abe Feinberg to raise tens of millions here to fund Ben Gurion’s bomb. It did NOT work hard to prevent the bomb. ON the contrary, it was willingly hoodwinked into permitting it to happen.

        As for Eisenhower, he was an anomaly. Truman and every president following Eisenhower were pro-Israel through and through.

        Please no more ersatz Zionist history lessons.

  4. [comment deleted: anyone who uses the moniker “Muslim Zionist” is ipso facto a fraud and will not have a comment published here]

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