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  1. “..the Israel Lobby and he and the Lobby will go into full battle-mode lobbying Congress not to impose sanctions on the Saudis”

    Now I am curious.
    When has the Israel Lobby ever lobbied for another country besides Israel?

    1. @ Fast Lane: The Israel Lobby lobbied Trump after he came down hard on Qatar and supported the Saudi blockade. All it took was a fat Qatari contract with a GOP lobbying firm, hundreds of thousands of Qatari donations to ZOA and other Israel LObby groups, an all-expenses-paid junket for Israel Lobby potentates to meet the emir; and presto changeo, Trump backed off his anti-Qatari position. And this is just one example.

      Back when Israel was an ally of Turkey, the Lobby pressured Congress to reject designating the Armenian genocide as a genocide.

      You may be ‘curious,’ but you’re not very smart.

      1. Please add cites to prove that “The Israel Lobby lobbied Trump after he came down hard on Qatar…”

        My understanding is that Qatar went on a massive lobbying effort on it’s own, reaching out to 250 ‘Trump influencers’, and, that some of the ‘influencers’ were prominent members of the Jewish community.

        Qatar, as I understand, supports Hamas, and, Qatar-based al Jazeera has twice gone undercover to expose the pernicious effects of the Israel Lobby; on expose in London, and expose in Washington, D.C.

        Supporting Hamas and exposing the Israel Lobby are odds way to make friends with the Israel Lobby. Very odd.

        In truth, Qatar used two jewish lobbyists to reach out to Trump supporters.
        One, a former Syrian restaurateur turned PR man, named Joey Allaham, did donate $100,000 to the Zionist Organisation of America (ZOA), but upon learning that Allaham’s donations to the ZOA came from Qatar, ZOA leader, Morton Klein, told The Jewish Week he was “shocked” and that he sent the funds back to Allaham.

        Morton Klein did travel to Qatar and met with it’s ruler, but Klein, but Klein has since renounced the Qatar PR offensive saying, that the Qatari regime had not fundamentally changed its ways.

        “Al Jazeera’s recent coverage regarding Israel and Gaza has been despicably biased and incendiary,” he noted. “And I was outraged to see that this week, Qatar took a giant step backwards by holding a dinner honoring the vicious Muslim Brotherhood leader and terrorist Yusuf al-Qaradawi.”

        Again. I ask you to show us your proofs, demonstrable evidence, that the Israel Lobby lobbied Trump on behalf of Qatar.

        1. @ Fast Lane:

          Please add cites

          That’s not how things work. I don’t do your bidding here. I don’t prove anything to you. It’s not my job to satisfy you. THe proof is in the coverage which I’ve read extensively and you should too if you haven’t (instead of your selective reading of sources friendly to your point of view). You offer here a slanted, tendentious reading of events which is untrustworthy.

          My understanding is that Qatar went on a massive lobbying effort on it’s own, reaching out to 250 ‘Trump influencers’, and, that some of the ‘influencers’ were prominent members of the Jewish community.

          That’s not how the Lobby works. The Lobby figures who were enlisted on Qatar’s behalf were not just “prominent members of the Jewish community.” They were leading figures in the Israel Lobby chosen specifically for their influence in both those circles and on Trump. They had that influence on Trump because he perceived them as being central figures in the Lobby. Hence the eventual impact they had on softening his position vis a vis Qatar. That’s how the Lobby works fella. Wake up and smell the coffee and learn how things are done.

          Qatar doesn’t just support Hamas. Qatar supports Israel as well in that it has had secret and direct contacts with Israeli officials.

          Qatar censored the second Al Jazeera documentary. So Al Jazeera represents the official Qatari government position until it doesn’t. Then its work is shut down. In other words, the Lobby wanted the documentary to be censored and it was censored. That’s the work of the Lobby. It’s a perfect ending to the documentary itself since it illustrates how the Lobby works here in the U.S. (and UK as well).

          Qatar used two jewish lobbyists to reach out to Trump supporters.

          No, it used two well-connected GOP lobbyists with good connections to the Trump administration. They were chosen not because they were Jewish per se. But because they had excellent connections in the administration AND in the Lobby.

          Though the funds donated to ZOA ostensibly came from Allaham, their source was Qatar. If the funds had been personal from Allaham, Klein would never have returned them. In fact, if the media hadn’t revealed the donation, Klein would never have returned them. So please don’t piss on our backs and tell us it’s rain. We know how the Lobby works. Likewise, if the PR-Lobby alliance had not been exposed Klein would have been happy to continue and reap these financial rewards from it. Besides, he really didn’t need to continue this effort since he suppressed the documentary and that was his main goal. As far as Qatar is concerned, it gained a softening of Trump’s views on the blockade and so it hasn’t needed the Lobby either.

          But if it does in the future, you can be sure that the Lobby-Qatar alliance will be renewed in a way that offers mutual benefits to both sides.

          I note that you have not disputed the Lobby’s efforts on Turkey’s behalf to deny the Armenian genocide. Hence, your claim that the Lobby only works directly and exclusively on Israel’s behalf are disproven.

          Do not comment further in this thread. You are done.

  2. While the responsibility should also be shared by whoever gave the order, the people who executed it, cannot be excused.
    In the IDF for example, there is something called PKUDA BILTI CHUKIT BA’ALIL. פקודה בילוי חוקית בעליל or “clearly illegal order”.

    Do you really believe anyone should be tried for Bin Laden escort from this world?

    1. @ Jen: yes.

      He was not “escorted” except by a SEAL bullet between the eyes. No man deserves to die in such fashion when unarmed next to his wife. Of Course he should’ve been brought to justice and dealt with through a legal process, not summary execution.

      And yes Clinton,Obama and McRaven should be held accountable for ordering the execution.

        1. When someone does not approve of extrajudicial killings, you respond with a dumb remark. Sure, that will increase respect for your opinions…

          1. [Comment deleted: you are now moderated. Your next comment violating the comment rules could result in banning.]

    2. An assasination instead of a real trial is the easy way for those in power. Imagine the trial of bin Ladèn, then USA would have had to prove many things around the war on terror, including especially 911, really happend in the way the official story has told us. Also the real relationships between Bin Laden, USA and Saudi Arabia would have had seen the daylight. The assasination of bin Laden instead his trial shows “to all” that much of the past decades official story are fiction, not real facts.

  3. To say that the Republicans are making a very bad bet aligning themselves with Trump is an understatement. They are putting nails in the party’s coffin. But the party does seem to have a lot of voters who stick by it unconditionally, whose loyalty is more to the party than to the country and the basic values the country has managed to stand for at home and abroad. I think Republican lawmakers will be running like rats from a sinking ship, but it will be too late. McConnell will make the history books as one heck of a villain. .

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