15 thoughts on “Echoing Anti-Palestinian MK Lies, GOP Claims Children Separated From Parents at Border Are Neither Families, Nor Children – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. [Comment deleted: calling any country “dumbshit” is not only insulting, but not something I allow here.]

    1. [comment deleted: comment rule violation. The next one brings moderation. You have been warned.]

  2. Just so we’re all clear, Richard’s photo is not of Israel’s Border Police. The photo is of the United States Border Patrol. There is no such thing as a Border Police in the United States.

    1. @Philly Frozen: Google seems to be clear that “Border police” means “Border Patrol.” You are the only one who doesn’t understand that they are synonyms. Nor did I ever say or imply that the picture was of Israeli Border Police. Your efforts to play gotcha are pathetic, they also show bad faith. Be careful. Once you enter this territory your days are numbered here.

  3. Israel didn’t invent racial profiling. It is how people recognized other for millennias.
    The fact we never caught up with the politically correct nonsense (which countries now turn away from) doesn’t make it Israel’s invention.
    Same is true for torture. For that we might have perfected how not to leave any signs.

    1. @ ariel Levy:

      Israel didn’t invent racial profiling.

      Yes, I’m afraid it did. Israel has been using racial profiling since 1972. The U.S. did not begin using it until after 9/11. We learned the technique from Israel.

      I have a comment rule you violated: you don’t offer your opinion when they are controversial claims without credible support. “politically correct nonsense” is a red flag here. It’s your opinion unsupported by anything. Don’t do that again here. IF you wish to make a claim like this it MUST be supported. If not, don’t make it.

      we might have perfected how not to leave any signs.

      That’s quite an accomplishment and worth touting in the annals of humane security doctrine. Except it’s not true. There are thousands of Palestinians who have permanent scars, damage and mental health impairment after their tender treatment at the hands of their Shabak torturers. Not to mention the prisoners who were raped by their Israeli state-sponsored thugs.

      1. [comment deleted: the Comment Rules make clear that comments must not repeat previous comments, which you’ve done here. You must bring a new argument to any new comment and not merely repeat yourself.]

          1. [comment deleted: and now you repeated your racial profiling argument twice verbatim. Again, new comment, new argument.

        1. [comment deleted: I do not get into arguments over how I run the comment threads. Because you don’t seem to read the rules or care about them, you’ve been moderated. Only your comments respecting the rules will be published in future.

          1. [Comment deleted: insulting me is another comment rule violation. You privileges are now ended and you are banned]

          2. Ohhhh, you are such a polite dictator.
            Can you even point at where in the Bible they used profiling? I bet you can’t which is why you deleted my comment.
            And you Israeli profiling article will be deleted soon. Can’t believe you bring Wikipedia as a source, especially a tiny little article that is clearly written by an anti Israeli

          3. @ Ariel Levy:

            And you Israeli profiling article will be deleted soon. Can’t believe you bring Wikipedia as a source, especially a tiny little article that is clearly written by an anti Israeli

            First, the article is not “mine.” I didn’t write it or have anything to do with it.

            Though I’ve banned you, I’ve specifically published this comment because I want your comment available to Wikipedia editors to prove you are acting in bad faith in attempting to censor this article because it presents a true, but inconvenient picture of actual Israeli security practices.

            It’s also instructive that you attempt to suppress speech on Wikipedia that does not accord to your own hasbara perspective on what is acceptable discourse around Israel issues.

            You go ahead with your campaign if you choose. Though this statement by you will tell everyone what your goals and strategy are. Not to mention that if you suppress this article, you’ll have to also suppress also other Wikipedia articles which contain virtually the same information. Nice try though. Hasbara can’t fully suppress the inconvenient truth, hard as you may try.

  4. I had a back and forth with my cousin about the Tamimi family. She ingested and spit out the hateful propaganda about the Tamimis which caused me to look deeper. I noted that settlers from the nearby settlement vandalized them this past February. Prior this settlement (Halamish) had been taking land and water from the Palestinian Nabi Saleh village. The Tatamis were prevented from using their spring. So the Tamamis were not only protesting, resisting, the occupation, but also this theft. The argument goes on in the media about the so-called bicycle incident.

    I agree about the connection to what Trump is doing. The more these photos and the sound gets played the better. If they are going to use the children, if they are already being used, we might as well use their cries and photos to bring about an emotional outcry.

    “Ill Fares the Land”- apt Tony Judt title

  5. I really do think that the succes of the Pallywood smear has made these people think that they can apply this tactic more widely. Pallywood though, is so much easier: The nice white next-door-neighbors-type Israelis tell you all about the scary Muslims! Who would not believe them.

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