10 thoughts on “Trump Jerusalem Declaration Unleashes Violent Backlash in Arab World, Israeli Crackdown in West Bank – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. It’s been an annus horribilis. There are those who commute to Israel to see relatives and there are the evangelists…I suppose. If one can divorce oneself from what is going on and put blinders on, it’s quite a place to visit. Big if.

    2. @ Ed: OMG, Israel has tourists. Therefore the world must love it. Is that your argument? Apparently these tourists are able to ignore that they’re visiting a country that is one of the foremost violators of international law in the world. A nation which routinely murders civilians in pursuit of an Occupation which steals a nation’s patrimony. I guess Brand Israel is doing a pretty good job of hiding all that from the tourists.

        1. @Ed: Au contraire, Israel is high on every human rights group’s list of international war criminals. We’re just waiting for an ICC chief who isn’t bought & paid for by the Israel Lobby like Bensouda & Ocampo are & were.

          1. @Ed: That means nothing. Israel has been hauled before the ICC and the only thing stopping the filing of a case is a chief prosecutor who sees Israel as a future gravy train when she retires from her job, just as her predecessor Ocampo did before her.

            Israel is almost universally derided in the world human rights community for massive violations of international law & human rights conventions. BDS grows in power exponentially with each Israeli outrage.

            You are done In this thread.

  1. You forgot to mention Ahed held the soldier sleeve in response to which he shook her off or the way you’re looking at it – slapped her

    1. She has been charged with ‘aggravated assault’ of the poor IDF heroes. What have the soldiers who shot her cousin in the face when he looked over a wall been charged with, I wonder?
      Such manly defenders of the Jewish State… Shooting disabled people locked behind a fence and regarding little girls as a danger. Such a source of pride, with their US financed military… When is the last time your heroes were involved in a real war, Ginger?

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