17 thoughts on “How Shimon Peres Stole the Bomb with a Bluff, and Why Military Censor Doesn’t Want Israelis to Know About It – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed in 1956 for doing far less harm to America’s nuclear program” – nonsense.

    You probably don’y know the term – “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. The Rosenbergs revealed to the Russians secrets about HOW TO BUILD THE BOMB and they did it in the 40’s, right after the US was able to crack the science with ginormous investment. Stealing Uranium (if true) doesn’t even come close to that.

    Just to recap, what is worse? revealing Coca-Cola secret recipe or steal a shipment of the product?

    1. Utterly false. The information the Rosenberg’s revealed were not a secret to the Russians. One of the Los Alamos scientist, Klaus Fuchs, had defected to the Soviet Union and had provided them with everything.

      1. @ ToivoS: Yes, of course you are right. Ethel Rosenberg wasn’t involved in espionage at all except as a minor accessory, if that. Julius passed on to the Russians a crude drawing of one of the processes or pieces of equipment used in the nuclear weapons program. As you correctly point out, not only had Klaus Fuchs given the Russians the store years before in 1949, he’d escaped scot-free to Russia, leaving the Rosenbergs to hold the bag and die for their troubles.

        1. Molding history to fit one’s view isn’t a new practice. Crude drawing or not, actions do not compare.

          “doing far less harm…” is just cheap propaganda!

  2. “In one matter, he turned out to be wrong. He predicted that by building the nuclear reactor Israel would tempt its enemies to bomb and destroy it. ”

    Israel bought its first Hawk anti-aircraft batteries solely to protect Dimona. Nasser threatened war as early as 1960 and then again in 1966 over Dimona. Peres published an article in ’62 stating that Egypt might pursue war due to Israel’s acquisition of “a new powerful weapon”. The Arab states have targeted Dimona in every single one of their attacks posterior to the reactor’s creation, and even enlisted the Soviets to try and get aerial access to it. Nasrallah constantly boasts of his rocket arsenal capable of reaching Dimona. Even Hamas has targeted the complex.

    1. @ OneIsraeli: PLease don’t use handles that are so generic. Pick a handle that distinguishes you from every other hasbara hack here who uses the name “Israeli” in his handle.

      Further, threatening to do something and doing it are entirely different things. Nasser threatened to destroy Israel & cast Israelis into the sea. How far did he get? Nasrallah can threaten whatever he wants, but he’s never come anywhere near hitting southern Israel, let alone Dimona. His chance of getting one of his missiles to even come close are about 1,000,000-1. Hamas hasn’t “targeted” Dimona. They launched a drone which got within 20 miles of the plant before being shot down. That’s hardly launching a missile or even threatening the facility.

      Really, is this the best Hasbara Central has to offer? You need to be sent back for retraining.

      1. [Comment deleted; you are using the same IP adress as 5 other current commenters. Stop doing that. Use one handle & one IP address. If this continues all of you will be banned.]

        1. Will you reinstate my comment and remove your libelous remark now that you’ve been shown to be wrong about your same-IP accusation?

          1. @ OneIsrseli: No, but I’ll do you one better. For making the ludicrous claim that I’ve libelled you, I will moderate your comments until you can calm down and stop spewing inanities.

  3. When I was born, Shimon Peres was 23 years old; a lifetime suffering a thief. A thief who matener the stolen weapon. A thief who will be mourned after his death. I, as a reward for many years lying, stealing and massacring the Palestinian people, I wish you long life, with knowledge of their status, to pay for their actions.

  4. While, I agree that currently the military threat to Israel is minimal given power and capability of the Zahal and the internal problems of former confrontation states. However, much of that capability is based on a large and generous supply of U.S. money and some of our best weapons. It is my view that Israel’s semi-covert nuclear capability is central to that aid. Even many indigenous systems such as Iron Dome and Arrow involve much U.S. technology which requires the agreement of our government for it to be sold or given to Israel.

    So how did this generous aid begin. In the early years of Israel the U.S. banned the sale of weapons to Israel. This changed in the Kennedy-Johnson years. At first sales for cash were allowed: Hawk missiles, M-48 tanks, and A-4 aircraft. Later the U.S. loaned money to Israel to buy F-4E aircraft, M-60 tanks, etc. It was only with the Yom Kippur War than massive multi-year aid packages (gifts) started. Why?

    Well, Israel miscalculated and had stocked insufficient munitions to fight a long war. The Israel suffered heavy losses in aircraft and tanks in futile counter attacks in Saini. The 36th Division was reduced to a few tanks on the Golan. If it wasn’t for just a little bit of bad luck the Syrians would have pushed Israel off the Golan leaving northern Israel venerable. So why did Nixon (who wasn’t exactly pro-Jewish) come to the aid of Israel in such a massive way?

    That’s right, Israel’s nuclear capability. Nixon saw Israel’s preparations to use the bomb as did the Russians. So to head off that possibility of actual nuclear use and the escalation that would ensue, Nixon sent Israel everything they needed to win the war with conventional weapons. Since that time an implicit deal has existed between the U.S. and Israel. Israel is not to openly declare as a nuclear state and in return the U.S. will provided enough aid to ensure Israel’s security in the convectional arena.

    This why nuclear weapons are essential to Israel’s existence.

  5. “Ben Gurion’s real goal in obtaining nukes was political. He wanted to ensure Israel would never have to negotiate away the gains it made on the battlefield. He wanted a weapon he could hold over the heads of any enemy, that would ensure he never had to renounce anything that was rightfully Israel’s (in his mind at least). ”

    Richard, how do you know this?

    Your thesis makes no sense. In order to be used as a “political” weapon, Israel would have to credibly or implicitly threaten its use during a negotiation, in the face of political, not military, pressure. This is illogical, and when was it used in such a fashion? Did nuclear capability have a part of the Camp David or Oslo accords? Negotiations are give and take. Israel surrendered land, in exchange for political and economic benefits. Of course there is always the implied military deterrent aspect, but that is the usual strategic value of an asset like that.

    1. @ Yehuda: You mean it makes no sense to YOU. That’s different than what you said. Actually I’m about the publish a new piece on Peres in which I interview Avner Cohen, who knows a little bit more than you about Israel’s nuclear strategy. If anything, he says what I wrote here even stronger than I did. You ought to read Avner’s two books on Israel’s nuclear arsenal. They’re instructive.

      Not to mention that there are policy analysts who’ve studied nuclear weapons not just in the Israeli context but among other nuclear powers and they find that nuclear weapons don’t increase stability or promote peace or even promote a nation’s defense. Rather, they promote rigidity, a refusal to innovate or consider new policy options.

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