8 thoughts on “U.S. $38-Billion Israeli Military Aid Package Props Up Occupation – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Israel, the angry, unhappy and psychological misfit nation it is, full of hate and contempt for the world and human value, is a country that never gives damn or due considerations to international law and always have contempt for world opinion! Israel looks like a strangely disconnected, self-serving echo-chamber. While the illegal government perceives its hasbara efforts to be helping the nation ride high on a wave of righteousness, the sad reality is that the country is increasingly isolated and adrift, cast away on a wave of its own delusion. Israel the largest threat to world peace…”

  2. Here is one of those pro-Israelis you wished for.

    It is really nice to have a rich uncle who is willing to chip in and help with the budget. Like in any other family, there are disagreements but the commonality far outweigh the differences. The fact a liberal president like Obama is the one to sign this new deal means those who oppose it (from the left) are disattached from reality and lack a minimal ability to understand who complex political system work.

  3. To amplify Sivan’s comment-
    Even a liberal Obama, (along with most Americans) recognizes that the barrier to peace between Israel and the Palestinian is multi-factorial. Israel’s settlement policy is an important factor, but not the only one. A whole lot of things have to change, on BOTH sides of the divide, before peace can be achieved. I won’t write a whole megilla here. But looking at a long causal chain and picking out just one link, Israel’s occupation, as THE root cause of the conflict, greatly oversimplifies and does nothing to help resolve the problem. So claiming that if the occupation of the territories were to suddenly disappear, everything else will simply fall in place, is magical and juvenile thinking.
    Its a basic flaw in the logic of causation that causes people on both the right and the left to oversimplify. I have acquaintances on the Israeli right who claim that the Palestinian refusal to recognize a Jewish state is THE factor blocking peace. Bibi himself often makes this argument. This is fallacious as well. If tomorrow the Palestinians announce that they recognize a Jewish state, would all the other problems work themselves out? Would religious settlers suddenly be ready to leave their homes in the territories? Obviously not. It might help, but a lot of other things have to change as well.
    Richard, I know that to an ideologue like you all of this muddies the water and it’s all very simple. Its all Israel’s fault and that’s it. And the only reason Obama doesn’t see that is because of the all powerful Israel lobby.

    1. That is very true. According to the agreement, a large portion of the money must be spent buying products made in the USA.

  4. Don’t forget those 10 shiny (rusty now but will shine when IAI is done with them) F-15Ds which most likely will drop some bombs sooner or later.

    How can Obama justify that is beyond me.

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