8 thoughts on “Sanders’ Moral Victory in Iowa – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I am not an American but if I were I would make the same choice.

    Just as an aside: if he wins he would be the oldest American president ever – seventy five at inauguration. A hard job for a man at that age. But the oldest British Prime Minister, Gladstone, was eighty four when he finally left office.

  2. Bernie will win NH. The question is whether he can do well outside of the lily-white states. Both Iowa and NH have large concentrations of educated white liberal democratic party voters – which is definitely Bernie’s crowd. Clinton, on the other hand, has appeal (and her husband has appeal), with minorities for some odd reason which is critical in the south (particularly in the primaries) and is significant in several states (but not an issue in Iowa and NH).

    So the real test is NV and SC – in terms of the Democratic primaries.

    I agree Clinton is old and tired – like a re-run of “Friends” – a blast back to the 80’s and 90’s, and is full of faults. Bernie has a much more refreshing message (despite being 6 years older than Clinton).

  3. I wonder if Bernie Sanders has kept a low profile on Israel-Palestine because he knows that’s a no-go zone if he wants to succeed.
    I can’t imagine that he’s really stuck in the sixties, when his brother Larry , a member of the UK Green Party, has endorsed BDS (I’m not saying you’re ‘guilty-by-bloodline’ but they must have had some discussions on this issue). (that’s another issue that could be used by opponents, his ‘radical’ brother’)
    Larry Sanders’ tweet endorsing BDS: https://twitter.com/larrysandersppc/status/590276621904519168
    Anyway, #Je Suis Bernie ! (and I was never Charlie)

  4. I don’t want Hillary as SoS, darn it, and I doubt anyone would offer her the job as “consolation”, but the idea of an offer’s a delicious thought!

    Anyhow, Cruz v Sanders ? A religious zealot warmonger v an irreligious socialist quasi-pacifist? With an on-going analysis of where all the money is coming from? And Republicans trying to destroy Obamacare adn social security and also trying to get the USAS further into M/E wars?

    Armaggedon, anybody?

  5. I wonder if the USA is seeing an unanticipated consequence of Citizen United, in the sense that nobody predicted that:
    a) the more money the billionaire-class bestows upon a candidate then
    b) the less electable that candidate becomes in the eyes of the But-I’m-Not-A-Billionaire! voting public.

    After all, the money put into a candidate’s election coffers by the 1% tells you how much those billionaires regard that candidate as “their man” i.e. how likely he/she is to serve their interests at the expense of everyone else.

    And since 99% of the US popln isn’t in that exhulted class…. well…. those coffers serve as a very use estimator of how likely they are to be screwed over by that candidate.

    The candidate has to be at least potentionally “electable”, sure. Forget the “Green” candidates.

    But amongst who are these are the two standouts:
    a) Sanders, who refuses to take any money from the moneyed class
    b) Trump, who claims he doesn’t need anyone’s money to campaign.

    Note also that when this circus began there were two candidates who everyone assumed would be shoe-ins:
    a) Hillary
    b) Jeb!
    precisely because those two held the biggest money bags in their hands.

    It hasn’t worked out that way, and I suspect the reason why is directly tied into the stench that eminates from their big ol’ piles of money.

  6. I generally agree, Richard. However, Adolph Reed recognized Obama as a “neoliberal confection” from the start (1995 in Chicago), and I think he’s right. Obama beat Hillary by being a better Hillary.

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