5 thoughts on “Israeli, Palestinian Activists Freed, Police Investigation Collapses – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It sounds like the judiciary has been sympathetic to Nawi.

    Harassment by the government of someone for his political views in wrong.

    1. @ Barbar: This isn’t just the “judiciary.” This is a military judge who admonished the police in Nasser’s case. THey do this perhaps 1 in 1,000 cases. So the offense committed by the settler police must be egregious.

  2. My understanding is that the police couldn’t make the murder charge since they can’t prove the cause of death of the supposed victim.

    However – other charges against the two Israelis (and possibly also the B’tselem worker – not sure, he has a minor role in the case as a whole) are open.

    They’re just not deemed dangerous enough to the public or a danger of obstructing the case – so they were placed in house arrest. They still have a whole raft of rather serious charges open (e.g. contact with a foreign agent is 15 years in prison – which is high in the Israeli system (rape is 16 years, grand larceny is 7 years)).

    1. @ lepxii: No. They can’t prove a lie. Abu Khalil died of natural causes and they can’t figure out how to make him die of unnatural causes, like Ezra Nawi. Nor can they prove that Nawi caused any harm to “Mousa.” As for “other charges,” they’ll eventually evaporate like all the fake traffic charges levelled against Nawi by the same police.

      They’re not dangerous at all, to anyone. If the police go forward with charging anyone with contacting the PA I’m going to make sure Bibi is charged with contacting a foreign agent as well. You call this “a serious charge?” What are you? A circus clown?

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