7 thoughts on “Obama’s Agreement to Russian S-300 Weapons Delivery to Iran, Slap in Bibi’s Face? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. With nothing to show for 2 terms in the White House, the man with the “Yes, we can” slogan tries to create a legacy, something good to be remembered.
    Cuba is a nice (and justified, IMO) act but Iran seems like a complete gamble which if (and you can’t deny it could) it fails, will tarnish his name forever. In history, he will likely compete with Bush Jr. for the worst president post WWII.

    1. “..if it fails, will tarnish his name forever ”

      Do you know under which President’s watch it was when North Korea got the bomb?
      I don’t

    2. I am Cuban, so I think making a deal with Iran is absolutely justified, but a deal with Cuba requires further thought. We definitely don’t want a human rights violating hereditary neo fascist dictatorship, which happens to hold deep grudges, sitting that close to the USA. Iran is in a different hemisphere, they don’t matter much.

    3. @ Tankist:

      nothing to show for 2 terms in the White House

      Nothing to show except for the most radical health care reform in the nation’s history & staving off a massive financial crash; supporting same sex marriage, normalizing relations with Cuba and building a possibility for detente with Iran? You mean nothing to show except for that? And I say this NOT as someone who defends Obama because I think he could’ve done so much more. But when light-weights like you dismiss what he has done, that’s going a few steps too far.

      As for gambling, Bibi is the one who’s a gambler (inspired perhaps by his gambling tycoon Sugar-daddy Sheldon Adelson) & always with a losing hand.

      As for “worst president,” Bush has that one all locked up.

      1. I agree Bush was infinitely worse. I’m ok with the move to re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba, but I don’t agree with a relaxation of sanctions.

        You see, the Castro family dictatorship realizes communism won’t work, so they are trying to morph. Their plan is to copy the Chinese model, which combines capitalism with a partial meritocracy, something I consider neofascist.

        The Castro dictatorship goes beyond the Chinese model, they are trying to transfer power to a third Castro, Alejandro Castro Espin (Raul’s son). They also have a princeling caste which enjoys a luxurious and hedonistic lifestyle (I have photographs of Fidel Castro’s son partying with Paris Hilton and other sexy celebrities). We are also observing cosmetic changes to give outside the misperception that repression has been reduced, when its increasing.

        The Cuban regime has received a lot of economic support from the Chavista regime in Venezuela, but Maduro is incredibly incompetent, and has been unable to overcome the problems he inherited from Chavez. The Venezuelan chavista regime enjoyed a huge petrodollar windfall from 1999 to 2014. This allowed them to nearly destroy the economy and survive using the extra cash flow from high oil prices. They also took on debt, and have avoided paying nearly $20 thousand million they owe to suppliers. The current chavista failure in Venezuela reduces the cash flow to Cuba, thus putting the Cuban regime in a pickle. This means the negotiations between Obama and the Castros require extreme care, so they don’t allow the regime to morph into an hereditary neofascist dictatorship.

        Why did I take the time to explain my perception? So you can understand the way USA foreign policy impacts the course of history. I happen to think the Netanyahu regime is bad for Israel, and so is USA policy when it supports Netanyahu’s moves. The USA is like a clumsy elephant, when it dances a little bit it can cause a lot of harm if it dances with the wrong moves. USA foreign policy has created an enormous mess in the Middle East, I don’t know that today’s condition can be resolved in the next 50 years, but I do know it’s going to be a lot worse if the Israeli right wing goes nuts and starts bombing Iranian nuclear facilities. That may even uncork a biowarfare genie and who knows what else can emerge from the mess it would make.

  2. As I see it Obama is setting up the next US president for a fall.

    Just like Clinton, Carter et all. Whoop de doo.

    The main thing is that Iran has 70 million citizens yearning for Western products and has stacks of oil.

    Surprise surprise.

  3. These are AB defense missiles though (not even the S-500 series), and they are not missiles designed to attack. Iran is the one who has been threatened for the last decade with threats of attack from the zionist state of Israel, as Iran should be the ones who should have more concern for their citizens, even if Israel/USA says they will strike their reactors with precision. We’ve all heard that one before.

    And this effort is one PR smokescreen for Israel and their abominable treatment of the Gaza/West Bank prison camp. The US would be much better served as trade partners with Iran (while ending to fund apartheid Israel) as they have a vibrant population 10 times greater than Israel. We should embrace the change because Israel will continue to keep their apartheid wall up and build more settlements. In fact, Israel lost the PR war, but they do not realize it yet. They’re like an ethnocentric encampment that has lost their way and original purpose, who don’t want to ally themselves with anyone, all the while bilking the US with nothing significant in return. Any general or military strategist can see what a boondoggle they are in the new century.

    All the money that the zillionaire diasporists throw at the presidential elections is not going to change to corrupted character of Israel. It needs to change from within and no kowtowing of the american government reps can make that happen. Yes, oneday soon they are going to have to eat crow whether they like it or not – it’s only a matter of them having the courage to face their problems now or eventually later.

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