38 thoughts on “Israeli Ambassador to Sweden’s Islamophobic Facebook Post – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Posted this comment earlier in article: Bibi: Il N’est Pas Charlie after I read your tweet. Below likely the source of Amb. Isaac Bachman’s Facebook post.

    IsraelAmerica by Marc Kahlberg

    The Trouble With Islam posted Jan. 10, 2015

    The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim The Beltway Snipers were Muslims The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim …….
    Islamic terror who do they blame? Not Islam not their leadership Not themselves … They blame others!

      1. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Kahlberg wasn’t the creator of that particular bit of nonsense– it seems to be something that’s been floating around the “counter-jihadi”/Muslims=AQ and the Taliban corners of the internet for at least a few years.

      2. Credentials of Marc Kahlberg …

        “Marc Kahlberg has spent several years, both as an active Police Officer [and unit Commander in the Israel Police] and more recently in the private sector, hosting a unique security related ‘Experience Israel’ – ‘training while you tour’ program. This program offers exclusive opportunities, taking you behind the scenes and affording you the opportunity to see the most modern and updated security technology used to keep Israel safe. Marc is highly decorated and well respected throughout the police community, he has instructed around the globe as well as in Israel. As such, he has personal high-level contacts in Israel that will allow you to take advantage of unique networking opportunities within the agenda of the program.

        Learn the “real-deal” from the men and women who live it every day. We will take you into the “Eye of the Storm”, an exclusive learning tour into the heart of Hebron. You will have the opportunity to see first- hand how the police there are dealing with a daily volatile situation. You will feel the adrenalin, but be completely safe and will be the guests of the Israeli Police Commander. This opportunity is unique and not to be missed!”

        Next time, perhaps the Israeli Border Police will let the graduates to participate in the shooting gallery, picking off a few Arab kids!

        PS From the linked article Homeland Security Made in Israel it appears MK offers training to US police officers. Nice, an Islamophobe training US police and homeland security officers. More violence allowed by BLUE!

      3. Marc Kahlberg is an Israeli citizen with business connections to South Africa and the US (Florida), he isn’t a small fish in the lovely state of Israel …

        CEO SCAI Security Consulting and Advanced Implementations

        Marc was the Israel Police Spokesman for the Foreign Press and VIP Journalists including amongst others The New York Times, CNN and the Wall Street Journal during Israel’s Disengagement Process. Since 2001 Marc has been consulting, lecturing and teaching in the methods of Counter-Terrorism to many National and International agencies such as the New York Police Department, Connecticut State wide Anti-Terrorism task force, Florida Sheriffs Department, the Spanish Anti-Terror Unit, United States Counter Terrorism Bureau and United States Congressmen aids and advisors.

        In 2002 Marc was honored by the Israel Minister of Police and the Israel Police Chief for his innovation in preparing and implementing the “Kahlberg Plan,” a secure zone concept in the Netanya Business and Tourist districts to reduce crime.

        Marc together with Jim Gort from Florida USA created one of the most successful Counter Terror Training Schools located in Israel.

        Marc endorsed Kaufman for Congress in the Florida election. A nice line-up of “stars” …
        Bob Dornan, Doug Giles, Frank Gaffney, Gerardo Feterman, Herman Cain, Jackie Mason, Joe Citizen, John Bolton, Joyce Kaufman, Marc Kahlberg, Newt Gingrich, Rev. O’Neal Dozier, Robert Spencer, Sharron Angle, Rick Santorum, Kenneth Blackwell, Dr. Carlos Campo, Dr. Daniel Pipes, Foster Freiss, Americans for Legal Immigration, Larry Klayman.

  2. Comment by Amb. Isaac Bachman refused by Aftonbladet in July 2014 …

    After having read Aftonbladet’s editorial page today I found it necessary to comment. The response we got from Aftonbladet was, however, that the editorial page does not take in any comments. So, since it is not possible to get the response published via the newspaper we will upload it here. Please share the comment.

    Aftonbladet’s editorial page today writes that: ” Israel’s violence can lead to a great war

    Aftonbladet’s editorial talks with Swedish peace activist Fred Ekblad on the ground in Gaza as Israel unfolds Operation Protective Edge.

    Isaac Bachman about the situation in Israel – July 11, 2014

    Bachman’s @$$ covered by blogger Gabriella Riboe.

    Amb. Bachman was recalled to Israel for ‘consultation’ after Sweden recognized the State of Palestine.

    1. Blogger Gabriella Riboe

      “A mathematician, entrepreneur and jewess, living in Stockholm, having London and Tel Aviv as second homes. The purpose of the blog is to compile and discribe incidents and processes, induced by Fascists, primarily in Europe, but also elsewhere.”

      Gabriella isalso fascinated by Russia as a frequent commenter on RT blog.

      Gabriella Riboe, CMO at Ribomation AB in Stockholm.

  3. A couple of additional historical errors in the Bachman list leapt to my mind:
    Buddhists vs. Hindus–in addition to the centuries of conflict in ancient Indian history, there’s the long and incredibly vicious Sri Lankan war of Sinhalese Buddhists against Tamil Hindus; this was the case that made me realize there’s no religion that is free from violence.
    Jews vs. atheists–the continual and frequently violent struggle between Jerusalem’s Taliban of ultra-Orthodox and secular Jews and others who feel it’s OK to drive on Saturdays or look at women’s knees is too well known to require comment.

    1. “this was the case that made me realize there’s no religion that is free from violence.”

      That’s because humans are not free from violence. There is no part of the world, or human organization, where human weaknesses (or just certain kinds of human weaknesses) are unknown.

      Because Buddhism has such a good reputation in the west, a lot of people find it hard to believe for instance, that young boys were often abused in Japanese Buddhist monasteries when they still took in acolytes, and that this is still a problem in Tibetan monasteries (and in Thai monasteries too no doubt). But not so the Dalai Lama (great guy!): He appointed counsellors at ‘ his’ monasteries where boys can go for support and to register complaints.)

  4. Jews in Iran of course have full civil rights AND full civil obligations including military service, and are thus clearly more accepted as fellow citizens than Muslims in Israel.

  5. Extremely poor post by an Israeli official. Kind of embarrassing.
    Obviously he was at the bottom of his class during Hasbara training camp.

      1. David – That is simply not true. An article on Ma’an News specify “the killing of 12 people in an attack on French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo’s offices” and does not mention ‘Jewish’ or ‘market’.
        Haaretz wrote an article about it.

        Didn’t look very deep about Hezbollah but what I did find is “Hezbollah Leader Says Islamic Extremists Have Hurt Islam More Than Cartoonists”. Not mention of the market or Jews.

    1. @ djf: Answer your own question the old-fashioned way, use Google. I find it offensive you’d ask the question as if people here have to prove to you that it’s true No Muslim has to prove anything to you. Prove it to yourself. In case you’re truly lazy, here’s your answer.

      1. No need for melodrama, Richard. I asked because I googled and didn’t find it. Several publications noted the long list of Muslim countries and organizations condemning the attack on Charlie Hebdo, including Hamas and Hezbollah, but the conspicuous absence of condemnation of the attack two days later on the kosher supermarket is disturbing. This was an opportune moment for the Muslim world to condemn an attack on Jews completely removed from Israel or the Middle East and it was completely wasted.

        I’ll be the first to apologize if it’s there and I missed it. But Richard, your flippant link to google is telling. You probably should’ve checked before posting. I gave up after page 3.

        1. @ djf: Criticizing you isn’t melodrama, it’s quite apt.

          You’re either lying or incompetent. Tell us what search terms you used or give us the link to your search. My search which took all of 10 seconds to type & fetch the result found numerous examples.

          You should apologize. The link is right in my comment. Or didn’t you bother to open that either?

          And since you write your post as if Muslims have not condemned it you’ve added a lie to your comment. I get to a point where I no longer excuse whatever is your particular condition (laziness, incompetence, Islamophobia). Consider yrself warned. I do not allow commenters to post falsehoods & lies here.

          1. Enough with the ad hominem attacks, Richard. Read my comment again. Your link doesn’t offer a single example within 3 pages.

          2. @ djf: Look up the actual meaning of the term “ad hominem” & use it correctly in future. A criticism is not an ad hominem attack. If I’d called you a “fat hasbarist,” that would be ad hominem. But I didn’t.

            Here is a memorial for the Tunisian victim of the Hyper Cache terror attack on Jews in which Muslims particpated:

            972 Magazine: ”

            In Tunisia, Muslims and Jews come together to honor Paris victim

            … the moderate Islamist Ennahdha party sent its condolences to Hattab’s family, issuing a condemnation of the attack and expressing its grief at the loss of their son.

            Here is the condemnation by French Muslims and Palestinians on the Toulouse Jewish school attack.

            What you don’t acknowledge is that this is just a charade. You don’t believe Muslims have the humanity of the rest of us. Or you believe Muslims are innately anti-Semitic. So you demand from them what you don’t demand of any other religious group when its adherents commit a terror act. That’s because you’re a hypocrite or an Islamophobe, take your pick.

            Can you find any Israeli rabbis (especially settler rabbis) specifically condemning the murder of Palestinian civilians by Israeli Jews? Just curious.

          3. Djf- I never thought this day will come but I completely agree with Richard. Even the Wikipedia article that came first on my computer had several sources.
            Even your question is insulting. This is coming from someone who is often called here Hasbaridiot.

          4. Off the top of my head, see here: http://goo.gl/mxSFSE. Many prominent Israeli rabbis condemned the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir. Elyakim Levanon (surely he counts as a “settler rabbi”?) calls for the death penalty for the Israeli killers. I’m sure you can find other examples if you’re really so curious.

          5. Richard, why do you find it so difficult to respond to my comments without insulting me? Only a few sentences after lecturing me about “the actual meaning of the term ad hominem,” you call me “a hypocrite or an Islamophobe.” In your previous comment, you gave me the options of “laziness, incompetence, [or] Islamophobia”, though I’m not sure that’s an improvement.

            And please don’t put words in my mouth. I have never said or believed that “Muslims are innately anti-Semitic” or “Muslims [don’t] have the humanity of the rest of us.”

          6. @ djf: You misused the term “ad hominem,” didn’t bother to read the correct definition & then complain about my criticisms of you, which are NOT ad hominem. If you don’t believe Muslims are different than the rest of us, then why do you ask for us to prove that Muslims condemned the terror attack on Jews in Paris? BTW, I never heard any acknowledgement from you about the Muslims of Tunis who appear to have done precisely what you doubted could’ve been possible. Or are you going to claim now that you believed all along that Muslims had condemned the attack?

          7. @Richard “@ Ariel: Nice to agree on something for a change! May it happen more often.”
            Just as I was thinking our couple therapy was working, you make a statement about Israeli/settler rabbis (after making recently similar statement about Israelis not helping Palestinians). Will it be fair to say you suffer from israeli-rabbiphobia and settlerphobia?

          8. No, I have enormous respect for some rabbis. My problem is the perversion of Judaism over which settler rabbis preside. That is an abomination. As for settlers, since they are not a religion or ethnicity there’s no such phenomenon. Further, settlerism is based on an evil proposition, so hating it is perfectly justified.

  6. More evidence that Israel is “running scared.” And for good reason. With each passing day, Israel is viewed around the world, including among Jews (especially youth) as a pariah/rogue state. The handwriting is on the wall. The Zionist enterprise in historic Palestine is in free fall. It could only be thus.

  7. Palestine Liberation Front was marxist, not Islamist.
    The groups are lumped together and brigades are listed separately, which doubles them.

  8. The following list of massacres is by no means exclusive, but they reflect the nature of the Zionist occupation of Palestine and Lebanon and show that massacres and expulsions were not aberrations that happen in any war, but organized atrocities with only one aim, that is to have a Zionist state which is ‘goyim rein’.
    The King David Massacre
    The Massacre at Baldat al-Shaikh
    Yehida Massacre
    Khisas Massacre
    The Semiramis Hotel Massacre
    The Massacre at Dair Yasin
    Salha Massacre
    The Massacre at Qibya
    Khan Yunis Massacre
    The Massacre in Gaza City
    Al-Sammou’ Massacre
    Aitharoun Massacre
    Kawnin Massacre
    Hanin Massacre
    Bint Jbeil Massacre
    Abbasieh Massacre
    Adloun Massacre
    Saida Massacre
    Fakhani Massacre
    Beirut Massacre Sabra And Shatila Massacre
    Jibsheet Massacre
    Sohmor Massacre
    Seer Al Garbiah
    Maaraka Massacres
    Zrariah Massacre
    Homeen Al-Tahta Massacre
    Jibaa Massacre
    Yohmor Massacre
    Tiri massacre
    Al-Naher Al-Bared Massacre
    Ain Al-Hilweh Massacre
    Oyoun Qara Massacre
    Siddiqine Massacre
    A-Aqsa Mosqie Massacre
    The Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre
    The Jabalia Massacre
    Aramta Massacre
    Eretz Checkpoint Massacre
    Deir Al-Zahrani Massacre
    Nabatiyeh (school bus) Massacre
    Mnsuriah Massacre
    The Sohmor Second Massacre
    Nabatyaih Massacre
    Qana Massacre
    Trqumia Massacr
    Janta Massacre
    24 Of June 1999 Massacres
    Western Bekaa villages Massacre:
    The Gaza Cast Lead Massacre (2008-2009)
    The Mavi Marmara Massacre May 31, 2010
    The Nakba Day Massacre May 15, 2011
    The ongoing Silent or Silenced Massacre
    The June 5 2011 Naksa Day Massacre
    The Nobel Prize of Literature recipient Jose Saramago compares the suffering of the Palestinians under Israeli occupation as the same suffering of the Jews in the Nazi boot camps.
    “The repression from Israel is the worst form of Apartheid. Nobody has the faintest idea of what is going on here, even the best informed people. Everything is in pieces, the land is destroyed and nothing else may be planted. All this smells like a boot camp, like Auschwitz. The israeli have turned into NAZI JEWS” , he declared after a visit to Palestina in March, 2002.
    Further reading: http://occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com/2010/10/03/the-deathmasters-israeli-massacres-on-palestinians

    1. @ linda idies: Much as I sympathize with the basic thrust of your comment. the problem is that the Zio-advocates can post their own list of atrocities as well.

      I do not know Saramago’s views on Palestine, but I find it questionable whether he would have used the term “Nazi Jew” in relation to Israelis. I wouldn’t trust this quotation till I could see an accurate translation of his original remarks in Portuguese.

  9. Quite apart from being idiotically Islamophobic, he is dead wrong as well. Hindus routinely kill and even burn Christians and their Churches in India as a backlash against conversion of Hindus. Tamils in Sri Lanka has already been pointed out. Christians in Israel are no point of pride for Israel either. Teh most “peaceful” Buddhists have launched an ethnic cleansing of their Muslim population in Burma annd Thailand is not far behind.
    Anyone recall the genocide of Muslims by the Serbs and the Rape-camps the Serbs had with Muslim women and girl prisoners?

    We could go on…

  10. “Buddhists living with Hindus = No Problem”

    What a novel interpretation of the civil war in Sri Lanka!

    And that’s Bachman’s first example of happy co-habitation. No doubt historians are eager for further elaboration of his theses. (Does he draw on Michele Bachmann for factual accuracy as well as inspiration?)

  11. John Boehner A Traitor Inviting Bibi to Congress

    (AP) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday accepted an invitation to address the US Congress next month on the threat posed by Iran and radical Islam. Netanyahu is also exploring the possibility of meeting with President Barack Obama during his visit.

    US Speaker of the House John Boehner said the “invitation carries with it our unwavering commitment to the security and well-being of [the Israeli] people.”

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