13 thoughts on “Both Israel and Russia Shared Kerry’s Intercepted Phone Calls – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I feel betrayed, never thought that this “shining light” in a sea of darkness wind up being worse in darkness.
    Now our Peace and Democracy loving knesset members have decided enough is enough, not only enough to shut the New York time, but let’s throw a voice that rub them the wrong way into jail or better lets hang him for treason. his crime. decry the depth of depravity that the Israel Air Farce have descended to to avenge anything that does not sit well with them. A journalist who dares say that they “flyers” have only mission to destroy indiscriminately whatever is in their paths. children, right or wrong, mothers, people whomever. Our sole mission racist knesset having “erased” all those terrorists living amongst us who are neither jew nor patriots by inference. now having shut any NGO that rubs them the wrong way, now lets put Mr. Gideon Levy front a wall and let those israel air force democracy protetors test some of the new advanced bullets on him.
    To have a whole Cabinet meeting directed at a SINGLE JOURNALIST IN THE MIDDLE OF A WAR, shows to what extent these same cabinet members consider this neither a war nor a clean up, it is only a badly needed killing exercise for the MOST MORAL ARMY IN THE WORLD – THE ISRAEL “DEFENSE” FORCE –
    please stop the world i want to get off – is there a distance between this and someone voicing the most dearest dream of a great part of israel jews to bring a genocide onto the palestinians. ethnic cleansing as it should be done. we had good teachers, we learned their systems it’s only a matter of a few hundred shekels to get this cleaned up once and for all
    there is nothing moral left here, please don’t waste your breath you will probably succeed faster in libya or somalia, may god bless

  2. Wow, so anyone in our government and on US soil who supports Israel is also helping Putin, a man accused by senior US officials like McCain and Feinstein for downing MH-17??? I can’t believe this!!! The Dutch should be alerted at once to Israel’s complicity!

    McCain et. al. are totally up Israel’s butt! Your source just made a huge link! Incredible scoop, Richard!

    1. Evidence from the surviving debris clearly indicates MH-17 was shot down by either canon fire or shrapnel from an air to air missile. This was done by an unidentified Ukrainian military aircraft detected on Russian radar and observed by Ukrainian air traffic control. Ukraine has confiscated the records of voice traffic with MH17. The US wont release its satellite data. Cui bono?

  3. Yeah, but suppose Kerry et al knew that everything they say is going to be spied on, suppose they deliberately don’t encrypt, or use only an encryption that they already know the Israelis and Russians know how to break, then why couldn’t this be a sort of Macchiavellian ‘backdoor’ way of furthering diplomacy? Then, when it comes to the official negotiations, they can recognise when the other side is using ‘secret’ information that they’re not supposed to have, but which the USA wants them to have. Kerry then plays the pre-planned card. Or have I been reading too much John le Carré? Probably.

  4. There was a lot of propaganda at the time of the Ukrainian revolution, to the effect that Jews wee going to be killed in the streets if the pro Moscow regime fell. So far, no such thing has happened.

    So it’s possible that Israel and Russia have shared agendas over Ukraine for quite some time.

    It continues to amaze me that the US shares top secret military technology with Israel when Israel is in bed with Russia and China.

      1. No, I was thinking of stuff that came out in Kiev during the uprising there. Did seem very crude propaganda though.

        There was a sort of barrage of stuff to imply that anyone in favour of Ukraine taking a pro western stance was a fascist, or outright nazi. By implication therefore, the whole EU must be Nazi…
        Then the pro Moscow president did a runner, apparently taking a billion quid’s worth of loot with him.

  5. It’s not so much that Israel spies on the US government. Indeed, it is an open secret that the USA considers Israel to be the third most aggressive country in terms of foreign spying on US soil.

    But it’s one thing to say that Israel spies on the USA, and it is quite another to discover that Israel is actually working in a partnership with Russia in that regard.

    After all, what about all that raw intel that the USA gives to Israel? What guarantees do the Americans have that all that information isn’t also finding its way to Russian intelligence?

  6. if you wouldn’t ban people like me ,I could explain you why Israel and Russia are collaborating.

    they’ve been doing so for at least 2 years,and that includes Israel’s allleged activities in Syria.

    there is a logic behind this you don’t seem to grab.

    stop listening only to yourself.

  7. “How is it that calls made on Kerry’s plane couldn’t be encrypted or protected in some way. How could our security experts allow such interception to occur?”

    I rather doubt that Kerry was communicating over un-encrypted channels. Israel has a great deal of crypto expertise (a lot of Internet security companies are founded and staffed by former Israeli military). Likewise, Israel has a long history of spying on the US. My hypothesis would be that, either Israel figured out how to derive the keys to decrypt Kerry’s communications, or someone (i.e. a spy) within the the US security apparat gave the Israelis the keys to Kerry’s crypto.

  8. The other thing to consider is that without a Ukraine crisis, Israel probably wouldn’t have had such a free hand in Gaza, because the US would have been better able to keep its eye on the ball and more willing to risk a confrontation with Israel. So feeding Russian intelligence may have been useful.

    There’s a downside to masterly manipulation of this kind, and that is that manipulators end up not being trusted under any circumstances at all. Israel runs several risks here, not just with countries being disgusted with Israel’s conduct, but in the future those countries will tend to assume that Israel is in the wrong and lying when perhaps it isn’t.

  9. “How is it that calls made on Kerry’s plane couldn’t be encrypted or protected in some way. How could our security experts allow such interception to occur?”
    Either the messages were sent in plaintext (unlikely), the ciphers were shared officially (at least this wouldn’t surprise me, given the one-way nature of the relationship), were decrypted by Israeli signals intelligence (should be a near mathematical impossibility) or Mossad and Unit 8200 have compromised NSA, State, etc.
    Maybe Vegas can tell you the odds.

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