27 thoughts on “Israeli War a Mix of Sex, Lust and Death – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Such a story is off-topic … ask the Japanese and their comfort women.

    Ask any warrior of an invading army, the soldiers have the right to rape, plunder once victorious in battle. How else can these men make such sacrifices, it almost beats going to heaven and be rewarded by virgins. Wow,wow.

    In war it is the civilian population, mostly consisting of the women and children, that suffer the most. It was not by chance that 100 years ago, the peace movement consisted of women in their leadership to end war and obtain voting rights: the suffrage movement. See Carnegie’s endowment for the Peace Palace in The Hague.

    The peace institutes studying war to end war have been taken over by neocons with an agenda. In The Netherlands, a renowned peace institute Clingendael has suffered from such a change.

    I don’t understand Obama and his amazon warriors in the White House advocating R2P policy and ending up with Libya, Syria, Gaza and Ukraine. A very disturbing turn of events in the (western) world.

  2. it is interesting that you seem to pick up all the trash. is there nothing good in Israel like soldiers going to fight for their people?

    1. You do realize the actual Walter Benjamin would consider you a lunatic and would condemn the Gaza war right?

    2. @ walter benjamin: How is 40,000 Israeli soldiers invading a country and killing nearly 1,000 Gazans “fighting for their people?” Sorry, it does NOT compute.

      As for “trash:” who creates the trash? Me? I just report it. Don’t blame the messenger, baby. Blame the (Israeli) guy who made the stupid choice to begin with.

      1. “Walter” doesn’t mean “fighting for his people” in the way most might interpret it. He means “fighting for the state, for the Zionist State.” They are fighting to advance the Zionist enterprise not to protect Jewish lives (you and I are safe, are we not?). The IDF is the terror arm of Zionism, not Judaism, and to this extent these young people are simply used by the political echelon. Surveying the constituents of that echelon is a chilling experience.

    3. That’s Oscar the Grouch Jr for you , I’m following Richard for quite a while because of his insider (sellouts) sources who bring the occasional scoop ,and I can say you will never ,ever, EVER say something half good about Israel . Makes you wonder how he pays his bills ,I contemplate either shin bet disinfo operative or Qatari /euro left money addict on the take and the last one – ultra hyper self hating Jew .

      1. Of all the insults I’ve heard, being called Oscar the. Grouch is the funniest. You made my son laugh too who’s reading this now.

        As for my paymaster, he just delivered the latest truckload of Qatari cash. This shipment was a little light: only $100-million. I need to figure out what to do with all this cash. Any ideas?

      2. I contend that the “self-hating” Jews are the Zionists who turned their back on the Diaspora Jewish life out of contempt, contempt for the variety and wisdom of that “exile.” Like other racists, Zionists reacted to a stereotype, enforcing that stereotype by their own contempt, “self-hate.” The new model, another stereotype of limited applicability, has nothing on the former at all: In many ways, he/she are soulless people, capable of mass murder, just like many Germans (who also hated the old stereotype!) These varying ideologies all lead to the same terminus, don’t they?

  3. quote from JPost:
    “Residents of the Gaza Strip lit fireworks and chanted “God is great!” into the early morning darkness on Monday after Hamas’s claims of capturing the soldier.”
    This is why we will never be able to make peace with people? like this.

    1. I don’t see anything wrong with that. They are not celebrating death, but a *peaceful* way to get back people arrested without charges.

      1. It’s a common knowledge all of the Palestinians prisoners are “people arrested without charges”… I thought at least some of them are the most brutal, sadist and sociopaths murderess the world have ever seen but what do i know…

        1. Yeah, you pretty much don’t know much, after all, you evoked Goldwin’s law without even noticing. And even if it was true, you said *some*, that means, you don’t care if innocents were imprisoned. Note that this is not even remotely similar to the case of collateral damage.

        2. @ KKND:

          what do i know

          Not much. If you think Israel only arrests Palestinians who are sadist, sociopaths & murderers you haven’t read this blog very carefully. I’ve documented scores of prisoners arrested for no reason, imprisoned for no reason. Often without charges being brought, without being found guilty. Those aren’t sadists or sociopaths. BTW, there are many Israeli Jewish sadists & sociopaths who are not even in Israeli prisons, let alone Palestinian ones. They walk the streets free after killing & maiming innocent Palestinian civilians. Maybe you ought to pay a bit more attention to them than to Palestinians about who you appear to know nothing.

          You activated my hasbara detector. You know what that means.

    2. @ walter benjamin: This is why I should moderate you. Why do you think Gazans cheer when a soldier is captured? Because they like to make a sport of it just for the hell of it? Or because Israel is invading their country? I got news for ya chum, when one country invades another the victim has every right to resist. That’s what Hamas is doing and it has every right to do so. It is neither Hamas’ nor Gaza’s obligation to lie down and say to the IDF, please f_^k me. It is their obligation to resist, which they are doing.

      If you publish another such dimwited comment here I’ll moderate you.

      1. Good Reply Buddy! Non sense arguments from Walter Bejamin and KKND but you handled them very well. They might be the partners of those Israeli Murderers. Anyone who is supporting this massacre directly or indirectly is Israel’s partner in crime.
        Thanks for exposing their true dirty mentality.

        1. Oh, get off it!

          The images of Palestinians “celebrating” 9/11 is pure Zionist propaganda. It didn’t take long to demonstrate that the video was made long before 9/11. You know, like, digital imprints and such?

          On the other hand, the 5 Israeli agents cheering and high-fiving the attack on the first World Trade Center tower was confirmed by the clowns themselves, on Israeli television, saying “We were there to document the event”. How about that?

          Good grief …

  4. BTW, maybe I am wrong, but it’s much more common to see so many male Arab Jews in the army rather in other occupation, at least in the pictures and videos?

    And promoting very sexual pictures of woman in the army, isn’t it putting them in danger or rape? They are supposed to go into war, and rape is a common tool of torture or vengeance.

  5. As a woman , I would say that is very disgusting seeing women humiliating themselves like that and behaving like a piece of meat , sexual toys.

  6. Exactly Adriana. And the tattoos on it look like the marks you see in a butcher shop. I find this whole theme of “our heroes going into battle” disgusting and ridiculous – a colonial police operation with, by military standards, minimal risks for the aggressors, but lauded as if it were the battle of Gettysburg (46,000 killed – 23,000 on BOTH sides)

  7. There is no shock left in me for surprise. Everything Israel does is the exact reversal of morals universally agreed upon by the rest of humanity and natural to human instinct. Am I wrong when I say God’s covenant was never in condition for a land, but rather, that the people follow his commandments? These are the Golden Calf worshippers, the ones who would fashion a phallus and worship it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they ate their own boogers. Some of this looks like cheap smut porn apt for Craigslist. There’s nothing sexy about beating women and children. If that’s sexy, what would the girls think of Hezbollah who kicked the IDF’s ass in 2006? Take on real foe, Israel. WALK your manliness, don’t talk it.

  8. methinks the IDF is just trying to promote jewish masturbation …
    i’m all for it. it will definitely cut down on IDF jewish rapes …

  9. That’s Oscar the Grouch Jr for you , I’m following Richard for quite a while because of his insider (sellouts) sources who bring the occasional scoop ,and I can say you will never ,ever, EVER say something half good about Israel . Makes you wonder how he pays his bills ,I contemplate either shin bet disinfo operative or Qatari /euro left money addict on the take and the last one – ultra hyper self hating Jew .

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