10 thoughts on “Gaza War: Day 5, Palestinian Dead: 121 – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. ” Imagine for a moment what Gazans can expect from the bloodthirsty killers Winter will let loose upon them”

    Maybe Gazans should opt for the Arab League truce being offered to the warring parties.
    Wait, Gazans have no say in what Hamas does.

    1. @ Blue Moon: Maybe Israel’s leaders should say a single word in support of the Arab League proposal. There have been three Israeli PMs since the Saudis made this generous peace offer. Israel’s response has been…silence. Hamas, btw, has said that if the majority of Palestinians support any peace proposal they too will accept it. You must’ve missed that spening too much time reading Times of Israel and Jerusalem Post.

  2. Militant Hamas Has Few Friends Left

    Turkish President Gül warns Israel against Gaza ground operation

    (AFP/Hürriyet) – President Abdullah Gül has warned Israel not to carry out a ground assault on Gaza Strip, calling the country to stop its air strikes on civilians as political parties across the spectrum continue to react against the deadly raids.

    In a written statement on July 11, President Gül said parties should return to the terms of cease-fire in 2012 and efforts should be exerted to resume peace talks in a way to render “indispensable rights to Palestinian people.” Later in the day, speaking to reporters after Friday prayers in Ankara, Gül warned Israel of “planting seeds of hate” if it continues the military operations.

    1. Posted earlier here – Likud Policy of Israel and A Clean Break from Arab States.

      Hamas militants belong to the Muslim Brotherhood and part of the axis of Turkey, Qatar and Egypt under former president Morsi. Life has become more difficult especially since the political arm of Hamas signed an agreement with the Palestinian Authority of Abbas as soon as the peace talks of Secretary Kerry failed. Netanyahu and his more hawkish ministers Liberman and Bennett aim to bomb Hamas into submission on the eve of violence in his own backyard Jerusalem. Hillary Clinton is on the side of Netanyahu, similar to the Republican brigade of McCain, Cantor and Romney. No future for Palestine.

      Our courageous Congress: the House of Representatives passed (by unanimous consent) a resolution supporting Israel’s bombing campaign against Gaza.

  3. There were demonstrations in Paris and other cities in France already on Wednesday July 9th. The demonstration in Paris (in the Latin Quarter) was attacked by members of the Jewish Defense League (see video Russia Today).
    PS. France is going to pass (or did already pass ?) a law prohibiting French citizens of joining ‘Jihad’ in Syria, meanwhile they can join the IDF without problems. I guess the Givati commander’s comment is NOT going to be mentioned in any MSM.

    1. Are you a mere child taking up valuable space on a blog Richard is kind enough to maintain for us? People come home from Islamic militias havre tendencies to do antisocial things when they come back home.

      1. @ Steven: Taking stupid potshots at Deir Yassin is a very serious mistake. Knock it off.

        People who serve in the IDF tend to do antisocial things while serving AND when they come back home.

        Not to mention your comment was completely off topic. Read the comment rules and follow them.

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