5 thoughts on “Iran’s Nuclear Fatwa – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Fatwa, Taghieh (deception-allowing Shia tactics)?

    Maybe similar to any other side-topic, talking about the above subjects, analyzing them etc has its place in the detailed annals of Iran-West/Israel relations, but at this very moment, when a historical accord is in the making, main attention should be directed towards the FACTS surrounding the issues such as:

    – Iran, in the 8 year war with Iraq, did not use chemical weapons, while it had the ability to produce them. (This is a phenomenally great story about the remnant of old Iranian culture that fiercely condemns roasting other human beings. Also where Khomeini, who was a ruthless character, undeservedly gets credit for ‘no reprisal’ policy)

    – As the new book by Gareth Porter entitled ‘Manufactured Consent, the Untold Story of Iranian Nuclear Scare’ convincingly proves Iran NEVER had the intention of building a nuclear bomb.

    – …. and so on.

    Fatwa or no fataw, the track record of Iran on the Western and Israeli charges regarding WMD is admirably captivating and history will harshly chastise the warmongering lying accusers of Iran.

    I rush to mention the fact that present time Iran, at least in the books, has a medieval backward ruling system. (For example the primitive Iranian laws allow the hanging of an atheist person, regardless of the reality he/she could be an exemplary human being)

    I am an atheist Iranian (a potential death row convict if tried in Iran) but I have always agreed with Nima Shirazi 99% of the time (that might puzzle the enemies of Iran). Both of us are highly critical of the policies of Iranian enemies. Why? That, among other reasons is because anti-Iran warmongers are so barbaric, so appalling,…..they simply have ‘no sympathy for human pain’(Saadi)… especially if the human in question does not belong to the warmonger’s own tribe.

    1. Long story short: Orientalists are hypocrites, sociopaths, and guilty of projection every step of the way.

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  3. Thanks for the excellent comment, Irani. Forgive me for chiming in on one minor point: you write that, even as an “atheist Iranian,” you often agree with my analysis and commentary. I just wanted to point out that I too am an atheist, and write about fatwas and taqiyya as it pertains to claims made about Iran, not in defense of such doctrinal beliefs or policies.

    I hope that might close the 1% gap between us.

    Thanks again!

    1. On 99%: Initially I wrote “…I have always completely agreed with Nima…”, then I thought the time, space and surroundings of our upbringing are so vastly different we are bound to have, at least on some superficial subjects, opinion clashes. Thus I added “99% of the time” making the sentence contradictory (always is not 99% of the time).

      However, ‘always’, while reading your writings I get bewildered how the winding curves of your thoughts match so exactly with those of mine. This for me as an ardent habitual skeptic is indeed a rarity, something that could frighten the enemies of Iran who fantasize ‘regime change’ (I doubt they are capable of understanding of what I just said).

      Nima, keep on your Great work. In my view you are a bright thoughtful and highly respectable individual and your talent makes your arguments always compelling. I have no doubt there is a large crowd of admires out there who, whenever they get the chance, enthusiastically read every word you write…they are an invisible undefinable bunch…..but they are out there. I am just one of them.

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