12 thoughts on “Israeli Naval Commandos Sink Gaza Flotilla Ship – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Your ‘source’ isn’t going to remain confidential much longer if he gives you a quote from a military source the same day of the operation.

    1. My source has been cooperating with me for four years & if he worried for his safety he wouldn’t be doing this. Not to mention that he gets a good deal of his info fr military Intel ppl who believe it’s useful to use this blog to relay information. I take this into account in publishing what I do so that I am not a mouthpiece for the security services. But sometimes the information he gets fr these sources records Israeli failures or inadequacies as well.

  2. One Question Mr. Wizard.
    i clicked on the press release you linked to. and the site doesn’t come up.
    no images could be found nowhere on the web which seems a bit peculiar, An explosion in the heart of a Gaza’s port following the Palestinian unity agreement will be materialized by Hamas who will be all over it like a bear on a honey pot.
    so….were you given the wrong information ?

    1. @ Jackdaw: One answer, Mr. Genius: Did you ever stop to think that an Israeli terror attack on their ship might attract a huge number of visitors to their site & that the site might be slow to respond to your page request? The links work fine for me. Or it could be that your ISP is so pro-Israel it censors pro-Palestine websites!

        1. An accident ? That’s why someone called the watchman on his phone and asked him to leave the boat just before the explosion ?

          1. The phone call is mentioned in the first line of the Al-Jazeera-article that Nonsense (perfect pen name…) posted, so I think rather than stupidity, we’re dealing with a deliberate liar.

          2. Right, because only hasbarists lie. No chance the guard fabricated the phone call because he was asleep or something.
            Aren’t you residing in the US mr. Silverstein ? A place where a man is presumed innocent until proven guilty ? Or maybe in your opinion such applies only to individuals but does not apply to the state of Israel, an entity you convict daily without a shred of evidence in the all the wrongdoings of the world ?

    1. @Jackdaw: Cut the horseshit. And stop posting nonsense.

      I warned you not to post more than 3 comments a day & you’ve ignored me. Don’t. You’re at the tree comment limit. Do not monopolize the comment threads.

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