3 thoughts on “J Street’s Racist Two-State Valentine – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I dunno Richard. First thing that popped into my head was encouraging 2 state solution, not negative stereo types that untill you mentioned I was unaware of. I keep reading about arab league countries saying they will recognize israel once there is peace with Palestine. I thinking its a generational difference that caused you to interpret the image in a negative way.

    We’re the image silly? Yes.
    Could they have been clearer in the message? Sure thing.
    Did jstreet intend to be offensive? I would bet no.

    Now if you are looking for bordering offensive then look what elder of zyion did to those images.

  2. I’m Richard’s generation and I didn’t get it either. It seemed sadly lewd in inviting a woman (a wife? ) to have “relations” with 22 others. Maybe that’s just my sick mind.

    It is commonplace to regard Arab nations as one identity only as though there are no national differences among the 22. That’s roughly like suggesting all European states are white so let’s call them the White States and whites are all the same. I am sure the French would have trouble being wrapped in with Germans or Italians, for example. And yet…and yet…they are all “white.” So why is it hard for “white people” to recognize that Egyptians are not Iraqis, etc? Could it be lingering racism from a colonial imperial past?

    As for Birthright: It is just part of the whole Zionist concept of placing the State at the center of Jewish life, rather than a Jew’s relationship to others and to you-know-who. It is, as somebody said, sheer idolatry, a false god. That’s what Birthright folks are selling, a false god, a god (nationalism) that has proven destructive and empty of value for so many folks, especially those white folks in Europe-Land.

  3. ” ….the likely intent of the graphic was to encourage Israelis to agree to a two-state solution so that it could have diplomatic ‘relations’ with the 22 states of the Arab League.”

    this was exactly my take on viewing the “Valentine”. Clumsy, not ready for prime time, but not racist. J Street has been a disappointment to me too, but I’m still happy it’s there, plugging away as best it can. Richard, it occurs to me that I am not as set against ‘liberal Zionists’ as you are. It’s only a label. There are some very remarkable people in that group, overall I like them, but on the other hand, I do not expect too much of them. I think American Jews are justifiably conflicted when it comes to Israel and we can’t expect the lead to come from them on this issue.

    still love your blog, kiss kiss

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