27 thoughts on “Meet Zohar Zuarets: Israeli Facebook Fascist of the Week – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Mr Zoaretz was conviceted on some crimes, do you know what was his punishment? From the link below, it seems that at least he got Suspended sentence (Maasar al tnai, in hebrew). This, most likely, was not his only punishment. It also seems that the guy was at some point jailed “Until the end of the proccess” (“Maatsar ad tom hahalichim”), and the judge refused to release him to house arrest.

    Mr Zoharetz, seem also to be facing new accusations, regarding graphiti and causing damage to a police car. And spent some time under arrest. Do you know where this trial stands?

    Under those cirumastance it is hard to say that the police or the judical system ignore or approve of the guy.


  2. Obviously not all Israelis are this sick, but from frequently reading news on I/P it appears that there is rarely any punishment for Jewish Israeli violence and this kind of racism in Israel…..therefore no deterrent to extremist of thiis type.
    If I’m not mistaken had this type of hate vandalism happened in some country like France he would have done some jail time under hate speech laws and while I’ m not in favor of ‘punishing speech’ this guy went further and put it ‘into action’ with vandalism….that should be punished.
    I constantly see also people llike the ADL Foxman pressuring countries around the world to institute laws and fines/punishment for hate speech against Jews while doing nothing about racism in the Jewish State—- there is no explaining this hypocrisy.

  3. House Arrest for Suspect in Facebook Threat on Lapid

    (Feb. 26, 2013) – The Petach Tikva Magistrate’s Court ordered the release to house arrest, of Zohar Zuaretz suspect incitement to racism and threats on Facebook against police and Knesset members, including Yair Lapid.

    Among other things, Zuaretz is accused of writing, “In Adar we will destroy the leftists, including Yair Lapid and his friends, and hang them as we hanged Haman and his sons,” referring to the Purim story in the Book of Esther.

    Do we need reminding of the Orthodox Rabbis and calling for the Divine Wrath, inferring the assassination of Secretary John Kerry?

  4. Most interesting. I am not sure this is entirely shocking, this fellow is only expressing a sentiment shared by a growing number of Jews. I don’t believe he had to lie “to save his ass” because Israeli judges have seldom taken strong measures against anyone attacking Arabs…or killing them, for that matter. If I recall correctly, someone allowed Rabin’s killer to go on because he thought the targets would be Arabs and wasn’t there a guard who killed an Arab child by pistol-whipping him and got only a few shekels fine and finally, how many Jews are walking around in Israel, who have killed Arabs in cold blood without ever having to answer for it?

    I think the more Israeli Jews feel the party is about to end, the more hysterically violent they get towards (Christians and Muslims) Arabs.
    I am sure Natanyahu is looking for “a good war” and the US will follow blindly.

    1. I agree with your comment that the more Israeli Jews feel the party is about to end, the more hysterically violent they get towards Arabs, Jafar Siddiqui. I feel similarly about PM Netanyahu. I hope calmer heads prevail, but I’m not yet convinced it will happen.

  5. ” In this case, it is Israeli society and its prejudices that is to blame far more than any individual Mizrahi may be.”

    In all the time I’ve spent visiting, and now living, in Israel, I’ve never seen a Jew raise his voice, much less his hand, to an Arab. All the Arabs I see living here in Israel are proud and fearless.

    Richard. What do you see from Seattle that I don’t see living here in Israel?

    1. In all the time I’ve spent visiting, and now living, in Israel, I’ve never seen a Jew raise his voice, much less his hand, to an Arab.

      I just about spat my coffee while reading that. I don’t know where you live, who you hang out with, or what you do. But all I can say is you live an exceedingly closeted life to be able to make such a claim. BTW, have you ever visited an Israeli Palestinian village? Ever visited a West Bank village during a settler pogrom? Ever seen a price tag attack or its aftermath? Ever visited an Israeli Palestinian school or health clinic? Ever spoken with an Israeli Palestinian? About their perceptions of their status in Israeli society? Your apologias are really pathetic. If you are sincere you either are deaf, blind or both.

    2. @Shoshana

      I dont believe anyone can take you seriously.
      I’m not Jewish, dont live in Israel —but I have followed the I/P and US ME situtation since 911 put it on my radar 12 years ago and read enough accounts of violence toward Palestines and abuse of Israel Arabs in Israel to know what you are saying isnt true.

      1. ‘I dont believe anyone can take you seriously.’

        I live in Israel and I there’s no need for me lie about what I see going on between Jews and Arabs here.
        What happens in the West Bank is another matter.

        1. I don’t think you lie. You just lead a narrow life which prevents you from seeing what happens inside your own society. I’d urge you to widen your horizons and go on a Breaking the Silence or Zochrot tour to see an Occupation or Israeli Palestinian reality you’ve never confronted. Then you can report back here what you learned.

        2. Shoshana, you seem to imply that Israel is somehow an ideal place for Christian and Mulslim Arabs while the Occupied Territories might not be. Have you been to some Arab villages within Israel where the infrastructure on the Arab side of the roasd is primitive whilew the Jewish side is modern with all amenities?

          Israel arabs are horribly discriminated, they can’t get jobs, housing loans or social benefits because all these things and more, are attached to “Military Service”…and regrettably, military service is limited to Jews and some Druze while Muslims and Christians are not only discouraged from applying, the few that apply are rejected for “security reasons”.

          Israel has been conducting a genocide of Palestinians, both, Israeli and the ones in the OT. Oh, before oyu jump off your pram on the word “Genocide” oyu should take a few minutes to actually READ the definsition of “Genocide” in the UN Convention on Genocide at http://www.un.org/cyberschoolbus/treaties/genocide.asp

          If you truly love Israel, then you should be making your best efforts to help it become a better country, not looking to defend it through its evils.

    3. Madam,

      You must have an EXTREMELY competent dealer! Can you please supply me with his number?

      In all my years in Israel, and I’ve spent here 38 up to now – I have seen numerous physical attacks against Arabs (during my military service), police brutality against Arabs, verbal abuse, denigration, casual verbal racism in reference to Arabs and – now that the glories of Facebook Fascists and Nazis are here to peruse – wot not on social media pages.


    4. there is an arab proverb that goes like “how do you know a lie? from its humongous size”

      for a long time I thought it stupid until I say your humongous lie and realized how the proverb is intended to be used.

  6. Is there any hate crime legislation in Israel? Could an Israeli Arab or any non-Jewish person living in Israel really write equal “opinions” of how to treat Jews and their nature and be unpunished? I have been for a long time wondering the reader comments’ “legal level” in the Israeli English language media. In many cases the comments are so racist and violent (comments are hardly ever racist against Jews, mostly against non-Jews), that in Finland they would lead that the one answering of the media and the commentator would be in serious difficulties with police and the law. And I suppose the level of comments is far more worrisome in the Hebrew language media as this mr. Silverstein’s above proves.

    Considering the activity and touchy “attitude”Jewish and especially Israeli Jewish groups (including Israeli state) express to every event they consider antisemitic done outside Israel, the difference, what is done in Israel and what is demanded from the outside world, is simply “astonishing”. If some Palestinian or European/US Nazi would write equal text what Zohar Zuarets does, it would be jackpot for pro-Israeli propagandists and without doubt they would not hesitate make noise about those “opinions”. The problem seems to be in lack of the hardline evidence they have to make the “anti-Semitism noise” about rather mild opinions and events.

    By the way how a Israeli Jew whose grandparents moved to Israel be an “Arab” or “Libyan Arab Jew”? It is astonishing how third, fourth etc generation Israeli Jews, especially those who can considered as extremists nationalists (Zionists), see a need to identify themselves still as Iranians, Libyans, Tunisians etc. Was Ariel Scheinermann (A. Sharon) really a Belorussian or Russian? Or is Benjamin Mileikowsky (Netanyahu) still Polish? What about their children?

  7. Okay, I’m Iranian and I look like Dan Quayle compared to this dirtbag, who, in fact, looks Arabic to me. The contradictions are always glaring at this end of the extreme. Maybe he’ll stab himself if you show him a mirror?

  8. Well, this guy sure looks Arab to me. I guess at these extremes, you’ll always find glaring contradictions. Here’s a suggestion: give him a mirror and hand him a knife. Maybe he will Darwin himself and we can all live our lives in peace.

  9. No. I don’t live a closeted life. I’ve traveled all over Israel. From Dan to Beersheva, and than some. Small country. Right?

    Yes. I did once visit an Israeli Arab village. I was invited into the Arab man’s home for tea, cookies and cigarettes.
    My host was apolitical and his family kept a shrine for Ofra Haza in their living room!

    No. I haven’t visited settler villages. I stay in Israel.

    ” Ever visited an Israeli Palestinian school or health clinic?”
    No. Here’s why. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPDNn6AQBIM

    1. @ Shoshana: You are indeed naive if you think an Israeli Palestinian stranger would discuss his political views with you openly. Why would you even think this? Of course he would tell you what he thought you’d prefer to hear. And he was right, wasn’t he.

      So you’ve admitted you’ve visited a Palestinian village once & met someone who told you what you wanted to hear. You’ve admitted you’ve never seen any Palestinian institution which would show how substandard is infrastructure compared to Israeli Jewish. You essentially have admitted you lead an insular life totally divorced from your fellow Israeli Pakestinian citizens (even moreso from the Occupation), yet you feel confident that your reality actually reflects the reality that Israeli Palestinians live in Israel & feel confident that Israeli Palestinians are treated humanely by Israeli Jews. Excuse me, but you have enormous chutzpah.

      1. Richard. You are ‘projecting’ all over the place.

        My colleague and I were invited into an Arab home. My colleague, a UN peacekeeper, wanted to talk politics. My host wasn’t interested in talking politics (and neither was I). My host was an apolitical ,enterprising, family oriented Arab gentleman, who I will add, lived in a large, beautiful home that most Jewish Israelis would envy. Several other Arab men were guests in my hosts home. When the evening call to prayer came from the nearby mosque, no one paid it any mind. Apolitical, secular minded Arabs who seemed more interested in ‘respect’ than religion.

        The video I provided shows the waiting room of a clinic in the Galil village of Ibbelin. Aside from the maniac who assaulted the young man playing on his cell phone, the clinic looks no different from the clinic I visit. If the clinic was substandard, I doubt that hapless Jew victim in the video would have been going there for treatment.

        As for being divorced from my fellow Israeli Palestinian citizens, I interact with them daily. They are pharmacists, clerks, teachers, service station attendants and hospital workers. I need their help so I pay them due respect. Common sense dictates as much. One hand washes the other here, same as in most other civilized societies.

        1. @ Shoshana: The more you talk the less you say. I’m not certain that I trust your judgment well enough to know whether an Israeli Palestinian is wealthy or secular. In fact, I’m surprised you feel you know Palestinian society well enough to make these judgments. But if he was wealthy & secular he would not be a representative member of his society. In fact, he’d be a representative of the elite 1%, which is what you represent to them.

          I’m also not sure why you believe that “religion” and “respect” are mutually exclusive terms. In fact, in most traditions, except radical settler Judeanisn or Islamist fundamentalism, to be religious means to be respectful of our fellow human beings.

          You compound your errors by believing that because you meet an Israeli Palestinian taxi driver or market checkout clerk that you’ve had any sort of genuine interaction that has taught you anything about how they live, what they believe, etc.

          You remain wrapped in your Ashkenazi Jewish elitist cocoon. Oblivious to 1 million of your fellow citizens. This will be your last comment in this thread. Move on to the next thread if you wish to continue to participate here. No further comments here.

  10. I find the reference to this pathetic lowlife’s ethnicity and the speculation on his, and his fellow Mizrahim’s, collective psychology, insulting to say the least.
    It’s just as relevant as the discovery that Adolph Hitler’s surviving relatives were carrying a “Jewish Gene”.

      1. Psycho-political profiling of an entire ethnicity is insulting, first and foremost to the truth.

        Besides, how would you feel if, following the Madoff affair, some idiot would delve into the supposed psychological roots of the supposed attraction of Jews to other people’s money (or to other people’s young daughters, after the Polanski affair)?! We ALL live in glasshouses and better leave the stones at peace.

        From age zero I’ve shared potty with Mizrahi children and I can assure you their poop smells just as bad as anyone’s, not worse.

        1. I have no idea what “psycho-political profiling” is, nor do you. “First and foremost the truth” is also an easy, meaningless slogan. Analysis of social and ethnic trends in society and the study of various ethnicities is what entire academic disciplines do on a daily basis.

          Your Madoff analogy is also off-kilter. My own discussion didn’t stereotype all Mizrahim. In fact, it went out of its way to point out it wasn’t doing that. Did you read what I wrote? I’d urge you to go back again and do so so you’re actually portraying the text I wrote and not what you think I wrote. I’ve also edited the passage a few times. You should make sure you’re commenting on the most up to date version of the text.

  11. Richard, I the link above to his FB page; it still exists. I do not understand Hebrew but I am sure it’s the same man

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