7 thoughts on “Israeli Whistleblower, Anat Kamm Freed from Israeli Prison – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Kamm’s published document not only underscored the fact that extra-judicial killings of Palestinian activists were taking place, but provided hard proof that the IDF’s disparaging contempt to Supreme-Court’s directives regarding Palestinians’ human rights was not confined to some unruly, over-enthusiastic low-ranks, but was actually a consistent policy of IDF generals.

    I think this case highlighted the invaluable role of your blog in the rear-guard losing battle for whatever’s left of Israel’s dwindling democracy.

  2. “In some sense, these are similar mistakes to ones made my Julian Assange in publishing Wikileaks documentation, which exposed U.S. intelligence sources to harm.”

    Really? – US sources have been harmed by the Wikileaks release? Politicians embarrassed certainly, but sources harmed? US politicos would claim this without a doubt, but then they make stuff up to suit their needs.

  3. Whenever I read the names of Snowden, Manning, Ellsberg and Kamm…I am really shocked to not see Mordechai Vanunu’s name, considering his many years within a shin bet prison (18) most of which were tortuous and in absolute isolation (11) which we now know is a devastating form of torment….and since 2004 “release” he is still fighting for his right to leave his enlarged ‘cage’…essentially living in a prison on his own dime. That the israeli govt continues to claim he is a “security threat” despite their constant surveillance of him complete with regular harassment, extensive restrictions on his ‘freedom’ of speech, movement and association, requiring police ‘permission’ for him to visit a beach and requirements to report wherever he might sleep other than his regular address….subject to raid or arrest at any time. Let us not forget the sacrifice and courage of this first significant Whistle-blower, Mordechai Vanunu.

    1. @ Miriam: Agreed. I of course honor Vanunu as well. He’s been even more abused than the rest in terms of how Israel has treated him both during prison & after his release. It is sheer vindictiveness. Maybe we can barter a deal: Vanunu for Pollard. Though Vanunu has completed his sentence, he’s essentially still imprisoned in the Israeli garrison state.

  4. The bad guys who planned and execute illegal war crimes never seem to anticipate that these secrets will likely be exposed for all to see. How could Israel ever believe that its nuclear program would not be disclosed in detail? It is this hubris, this blindness, that is shocking and it speaks clearly of the types of personalities running important political and military operations in Israel, that spoiled child, but probably in the US as well. As Richard notes, the Obama administration is rife with such conceits.

  5. I saw this news only in one German paper today,
    any other papers in Germany which publishe this unholy affair these days?
    Can Uri Blau talk freely now or is he still (ever was?) under a gagging order?
    Vanunu: how to communicate with him?

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