11 thoughts on “U.S. to Build $100-Million Underground Bunker at Top-Secret Israeli Missile Base – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. How long will the U.S. be able to keep up such expensive capers on behalf of a foreign state? Paul Craig Roberts, Asst.Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan, has been predicting for some time now massive inflation of the American dollar and the financial crash of what Gore Vidal called “The last Empire”. This will also pull the financial mat from under Israel. Roberts wrote quite recently:

    “Already there is evidence of central banks and individuals moving out of dollars into gold and silver bullion and into other currencies of countries that are not hemorrrhaging debt and money. According to John Williams of Shadowstats.com, the US dollar as a percentage of global holdings of reserve assets has declined from 36.6% in 2006 to 28.7% in 2012. Gold has increased from 10.5% to 12.8% and other foreign currencies except the euro increased from 38.4% to 44.4%.

    Russia, China, Brazil, India, and South Africa intend to conduct trade among themselves in their own currencies without use of the dollar as reserve currency.
    The EU countries conduct their trade with one another in euros, and although not reported in the US media, Asian countries are discussing a new common currency for trade among themselves.

    The world is abandoning the use of the dollar to settle international accounts, and the demand for dollars is falling as the Federal Reserve increases the supply of dollars.

    This means that the price of the dollar is threatened.”

    Just as an aside: about ten years ago the exchange value of an Australian dollar was, at one stage, about half that of an American dollar. Now $A 1.00 = $US 1.04.

    Read more: http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/12/03/the-coming-crash-of-america/

    1. Arie, don`t be naïve – this is not just, or likely even mainly, aid to Israel. Israel got integrated into the regional/global American defense network in many ways (industrial, intelligence and sometimes even operational) and in this framework, given its location and the fact that it is the only totally reliable ally of the US (and, importantly, not just by contacts to rulers but the population) – so it is not just any “foreign” state – it can serve a useful (regionally even globally related) role for the US. So it is of mutual benefit – and hence the allocated money.

      1. Tibor: “and the fact that it is the only totally reliable ally of the US ”

        In what way, Tibor?

        It is Mr Reliable when it comes to sticking its hand out for money, sure.
        But as far as doing as it is told? That, not so much.
        And as far as rolling up the sleeves and pitchin’ in…. well, gosh, when, exactly?

  2. $100 million for a 5-story underground complex that stores nuclear and microbiological weapons? Try billions.

    Ooh ooh, someone tell me a new story 🙂

    Here are the warmongers and their zombied entity, the Army Corps of Engineers, who built the notorious wall to create enclaves out of Palestine repeating their error. The architects of this structure? Crazies who utilize symbolism to the point where conspiracy “theorists” seem to be more like realists.

    Do some research into the creation and certification of the mezzuzzahs for each doorway and you will see even more sinister intent.

    What are they doing, “castling their king” before a false-flag to kick off World War III? After 10+ years of warmongering and threatening Iran, they are going to pose this as an Iranian offensive that must be defended against. Who will bite on that? 😉

  3. A comment about your article regarding Ashkenazik / Sepharadik difference between writing styles from one tradition to the other.
    In short, there is a difference.
    In the IDF, there is a uniform style of Mezuzas that both Ashkenazik and Sepharadik accept, and even though most Israelis are secular and don’t care what’s inside the Mezuza, but religious folks do, just as its important for them no to have cheese in their hamburgers.

    I’m amused by the last paragraph and what you said about Moses: “I hope it might horrify him half as much as it does me.”
    If he was alive today, you would probably demand that he is trailed for crimes against humanity for what he did to Pharaoh’s army, and for later on occupying Israel / Canaan / Palestine.

    1. Moses never arrived in Israel so he’s not guilty for any of the crimes of genocide which the Children of Israel perpetrated. As for the drowning of Pharaoh’s Army, he didn’t perform that miracle on his own unless you wish to become Christian & say he like Jesus, is God or Son of God.

      I think Moses would be horrified that Israel sees itself as acting with God’s blessing in contemplating destroying half the Middle East in order to protect its own dominance & prerogatives & demonizing Iranians, their religion & their God.

      Please don’t monopolize the comment threads by publishing a large number of comments in a short period of time. 3-5 in a 24 hr period should be more than sufficient.

  4. Tibor, who is naive here.

    As an outsider looking in one can but marvel at the obvious fact that the US is blatantly wasting its own political capital and long term strategic interests by blindly supporting its “best ally”.

    Michael Neumann has for a long time now defended the view that the US policy towards Israel will only change if the facts become too uncomfortable for the US political elite – and sections of the Left – to maintain its fairytale on this point. So the message for activists is: don’t appeal to US political morality, a rare commodity at the best of times, but to American self interest.

    Here is a typical passage:

    “The enormous, ignored fact of the Palestinian story is that America is not, as the left so loves to think, pursuing some vital interest in its alliance with Israel. On the contrary, America is acting against its vital interests. And by America I don’t just mean the wonderful, real-as-dirt Americans of Denzel Washington flicks. I also mean corporate America and the American government.
    Back when there were commies, the US had a paranoid but at least vaguely plausible reason for allying itself with Israel. Israel was going to keep Arab commies from getting out of hand. The US badly wanted a strong military power in the region, because ‘getting out of hand’ might include supplying bases for the Red Army. But the commies are long gone. … That was then, the age of Vietnam and the Yom Kippur war, a time when nothing was too evil if it fought communism. The America of that age lives on in the frozen brains of the left.”

    Now one could argue that a Canadian philosopher is hardly in a position to judge the long term strategic interests of the US. But on Mondoweiss I found recently a summary of the views of Chas Freeman, a former Asst.Secretary of Defence:

    “– the US has no bases or troop presence in Israel and stores only minimal military supplies in the country (and these under terms that allow these supplies to be used essentially at will by the IDF).
    — Israeli bases are not available for US use.
    — none of Israel’s neighbors will facilitate overflight for military aircraft transiting Israeli territory, let alone taking off from there. Israel is useless for purposes of strategic logistics or power projection.
    — Israel is worse than irrelevant to the defense of Middle Eastern energy supplies; the US relationship with Israel has jeopardized these supplies (as in 1973), not contributed to securing them.
    — US relations with Israel do not bolster US prestige in Middle Eastern oil-producing countries or assist the US to “dominate” them, they complicate and weaken US influence; they have at times resulted in the suspension of US relations with such countries.
    — Israel does not have the diplomatic prestige or capacity to marshal support for US interests or policies globally or in its own region and does not do so; on the contrary, it requires constant American defense against political condemnation and sanctions by the international community.
    — Israel does not fund aid programs in third countries to complement and support US foreign or military policy as other allies and strategic partners do.
    Japan provides multiple bases and pays “host nation support” for the US presence (though that presence as well as the fact that Japan is paying for a good deal of it are growing political issues in Japan). The air base in Qatar from which the US directs air operations throughout the region (including in both Iraq and Afghanistan) was built and is maintained at host nation expense. So too the ground force and naval facilities we use elsewhere in the Gulf. The US is paid for the weapons and military services it provides to its European and Asian allies as well as its Arab strategic partners. Washington has never had to exercise a veto or pay a similar political price to protect any of them from condemnation or sanctions by the international community. Japan and various Arab countries, as well as European nations, have often paid for US foreign assistance and military programs in third countries or designed their own programs specifically to supplement US activities. “

    1. As an insider looking out, I see an Israel that takes billions of American taxpayer dollars every year (money that should be spent in America, on Americans), creates enemies for America, and spies relentlessly on America. Only in the world of Orwell’s 1984 could Israel be considered an “ally” of America.

  5. There are 3 predominate types of mezuzot.

    1. sfardic also know as beit yossef.
    2. ashkenaz
    3. Ari

    I believe what Nimrod was referring as being used in the IDF was nusach achid which would roughy translate to a “unified custom”, nusach achid ,which R Goren tried to institute in the IDF to bring greater unity in the religious observance of the troops.

  6. Doesnt seem reasonable to place a secondary command and control center at Sdeh Micha one of Israels biggest strategic targets.

    Generally when they refer to a air base near Tel Aviv they are referring to Tel Nof and sometimes Palmachim which is a mixed use base. Helicopters, missile testing and parachute jump training.

    Tel Nof is also repeadtly the location where Israel has loaded nuclear bombs on airplanes in 1973 and in Gulf War 1. Tel Nof isn’t far from Sdeh Micha and there is a ammunition storage base between Sdeh Micha and Tel Nof were it is believed Israel stores it’s nuclear gravity bombs. As to sourcing of this information it is accumulation of 30 years of reading. Everything I have written here can today be found on the Internet including google earth albeit at a lousy 2 meter resolution due to American law.

    But thankfully I know of one other ICBM base in Israel that I have never seen mentioned anywhere And I can’t proove it to anyone and I wouldn’t tell anyone anyway. so we will make believe I am lying. LOL.

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