11 thoughts on “The Mossad and the Iranian Graph That Never Was – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. How about you just admit to have no sources other than the media & journalists and to cherry picking the opinions and facts that fit your general editorial line ?

  2. Well said, and I don’t think you have to be embarrassed. But I do have to say that after examining the diagram, and reading your previous post, I never thought for a moment that it could ever have been on a computer inside Iran, let alone in one of their nuclear facilities. It is too ridiculously flawed, such an elementary piece of work. What s surprising is that the hoaxer didn’t do his research on what might pass for an authentic technical document more thoroughly as a more convincing document could have been really embarrassing for Iran. Other questions are where are the other figures? And why is there no textual commentary? A figure on a blank page is an unusual way to present scientific/technical information.

    Disinfo by the Iranians/a clever plot to discredit Mossad? Interesting, and very devious! But I don’t buy it. Too risky.

    MEK involvement? Aren’t they too concerned with other matters, like their own survival? Maryam Rajavi has just been in Estonia, probably trying to find someone on the fringes of Europe who will give her money and support.

  3. I am not a physicist, but it is easy to see why the graph stinks and perhaps even one can guess what it could represent.

    The graph does not seem to be a result of a simulation of any physical process that is widely asymmetric in its nature. Initially, conventional explosive push pieces of enriched uranium together to form the shape with the critical mass. The speed of that process comes from the energy released by the explosives that propels the pieces of uranium. Then the chain reaction starts and it has exponential growth but the much larger energy of that is released disperses the uranium. I may be wrong, but it is very clear that the process of finishing the explosion is not a simple mirror image of the process that starts it, so the slopes should be different. Instead we have a symmetric plot.

    The plot is almost certainly showing the well known Gaussian distribution and the corresponding cumulative distribution. The labels on the vertical axes are pretty wrong. It seems that this is simply an practise sketch, someone trying a plotting program (Matlab?) not with any data or simulation results but with a function available from the menu. In other words, it may be a file from a computer, but essentially this is a doodle. I do not know what the caption says, perhaps “Energy released when the hottest girl in Tehran comes to the party”.

      1. If Iranian Physicists are like most others, they won’t be particularly devout. Just useful enough for the theocracy to turn a blind eye.

  4. What makes you think that the “Iranian Graph” was fabricated by the Mossad, and not by some reporter or anyone else who wanted to fool a reportrer?
    It wouldn’t be a first time that an unnamed source pulls a reporter’s leg by leaking something like that, as you probably know too well.

    1. Because Mossad did this before with a purportedly stolen Iranian laptop and other forged documents supposed to have been taken from Iran confirming research on a nuclear triggering device. All were proven forged or fake. This is the work of an intelligence agency, not a reporter. And only one intelligence agency has both the means & motivation to conduct such fraud: Israel’s.

      But nice attempt at deflection.

      1. Not a deflection as much a hope that a fabrication of such low quality, as explained by Piotr, did not come out from the Mossad.

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