22 thoughts on “Crisis in Gaza: End the Assault, End the Siege – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I appreciate the effort people are making AND I shall attend as I always do. The question that I shall ask and HOPE that someone will tell me a good answer for is:

    1- How to end the near total control of the US Congress by AIPAC? I am not sorry to say that the U.S. members of congress are POLITICAL WHORES for AIPAC.

    2- How to remove the FEAR from the hearts and minds of the American People that they will be called Anti-Semitic if they dare criticize Israel OR even question the unlimited support the American Government give to Israel?

  2. Wonderful news, Richard, and I will pass it on.

    Dr. Soudy, the only way is to spread the truth – write letters, talk to people, hold events, and then vote the bastards out. Time is also going to work in favor of change. Younger people are going to be less interested in supporting Israel when it is seen worldwide how Israel is an oppressive occupier, a rogue state practicing apartheid, and a burden to the US both diplomatically and economically.

    Your last question is easy to answer. Talk. Don’t be afraid to speak up no matter what kind of label you’re given. Just be respectful of the religion of Judaism and separate it from the ideology of zionism. There was a time when one couldn’t speak against slavery, or in favor of women’s rights, or against segregation. People spoke anyway, and changed society.

    1. Here is a sample of what I have been doing. You can find many more of my interviews on the net.

      Search ResultsWatch New Anti-Semitism: Political Ploy to Silence Americans and …blip.tv/…/new-anti-semitism-political-ploy-to-silence-americans-and-…Cached
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      Feb 8, 2011 – Guest, Dr. Ibrahim Soudy probes with host Bill Alford, manipulation of so-called “ New anti-Semitism.” It has cleverly become a weapon to …

  3. End the rockets and missiles fired from Gaza into Israel (yes it kills also Israelis) and the IDF will rest his arms. The Hamas clearly started this round. Israel cannot be a sitting duck. Not anymore, Not Ever !

  4. Just to be sure, is this picture from Gaza or from Syria?
    the electronic intifada / anti-war guys have been mixing them up lately

    1. Hey, that’s hilarious! But more lies as usual from the likes of you. In fact, Jon Donnison, the BBC reporter in Gaza posted a picture that came from Syria & not Gaza. For which he apologized. Donnison is not an “anti war guy.” He only represents one of the most distinguished foreign news gathering operations in the world. Nor did EI make any such error.

      This picture in fact is of a BBC photographer in Gaza whose 10 month old son was murdered on the first day of Israel’s massacre.

      But YOU are a human error and a repulsive one, at that. I keep you around as a display of what can be the wages of pro-Israel hasbara. Not death in your case, but rather ridicule and self-parody. I’m about to move you from moderation to banning. One more smart aleck remark would be all it takes.

          1. A picture of a dead baby, and a short text explaining it was murdered by Israel.
            Later on I saw Israelis posting that picture next to its original text and date, from a few weeks ago in Syria.

            Very similar to the picture Jon Donnison picture posted that you mentioned only in this case, it wasn’t tweeted by anyone famous, so it went under the radar. And the picture was more graphic, in my opinion.

          2. You claimed Electronic Intifada posted this picture with a false attribution to Gaza. Now you’ve dropped that claim & aren’t even saying where the alleged picture was posted. That’s why we have links. You find the link. You back up your claim with accurate information. Otherwise, you’re a huckster.

    2. @ Nimrod
      Could you give me ONE exemple of Electronic Intifada mixing up photos lately. Please.
      I’m not aware of the Donnison-picture but the guys on Jews Sans Frontières posted a wrong picture from Syria (maybe the one Richard is talking about). And some hasbarista came along talking about promoting hate-and-blah-blah. He just forgot one thing: the wrong picture from Syria was not as horrible – and it was unbearable – as the pictures of the four siblings of the Al-Dalou family. Don’t know what the IDF put in their bombs…

      The picture is of Jihad Masharawi holding his little boy Omar, 1O month.
      Here’s an interview with his family. His mother, Ahlam, telling: “When my eldest boy Ali turned three he came often to me to say Mom, I want a brother to play with. I talked with my husband Jihad about this and we agreed that we should have a new baby (…..) Omar came to life, and now he has left life so early”.
      This is a photo of Baby Omar. (If you have guts you search the photo after he was killed, at the morgue (I’ve seen it), and come back here to tell us what you think about that).

  5. Reasonable questions should be asked as to whether a Qassam rocket or an IDF strike killed the BBC reporter’s infant.

    [URL deleted–use of this source violates comment rules]

    1. You’re claiming that Elder of Zyon offers “reasonable questions” about anything? Our very own Jewish blogger-settler fascist? When people like you try to use this piece of dreck as a source it only points out how woefully feeble you, your sources, and your argument are.

        1. The photographic evidence offered by the Washington Post doesn’t raise any questions nor does Max Fisher in the article to which you linked. He calls the means of murder “an Israeli shell.” I repeat: the only unfeeling, brutish thugs who are rasing such questions are Kahanists like Elder of Tzyion & it appears, you. Shame.

  6. The point is, what could be the number of dead and injured Israelis if Israel wouldn’t take any action to defend itself. I don’t think that in such case you would write an article about it.
    Did you try to count how many Palestinians have been killed by their own so called “government”?
    Hope you’re updated by the latest murders they have performed publicly…
    Hope you can see that the first ground invasion has been made by Hamas trying to kill civilians using explosives on a bus in the heart of Tel-Aviv earlier today.
    I know that your answer would probably include that Palestinians were also killed today, try something different and try it without insulting if you can…

    The numbers disproportion can be easily explained (but not justified) by the success of Israeli army to defend its citizens. If it wasn’t the “Iron Dome”, maybe I wouldn’t be alive and writing this comment. Of course you wouldn’t consider me as a great loss and probably ignore it…

    1. Your comment is off topic. If I wanted to write about the murder of collaborators I would have, but I didn’t. If I had, I certainly would’ve written of the Israeli Palmach officer executed for allegedly spying for the British. Turns out he’d done nothing of the sort. The commanders who ordered his killing faced minimal discipline or opprobrium for their actions.

      The next commenter who brings up this subject will earn moderation. Mark me well.

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