11 thoughts on “Jerusalem: “Wash This Blood from Our Hands and Hatred from Our Souls” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I can only hope that Obama’s indifference to the horror in Gaza won’t last. He has the power to stop this, yet he seems to be doing nothing, not even calling for a ceasefire but merely saying a ground invasion isn’t a good idea.

    This, as payback for Bibi backing Romney. Or what?

    1. Obamayahoo will not do anything to help the Gazans. He sat by during Cast Lead and did not say a word while GW Bush rushed extra arms and ammunition to kill those hundreds of children and their parents. His actions now will continue to match his gutless rhetoric about Israel “defending” itself.

    1. Wrong. Peace will come when

      Israelis stop seeing other people’s real-estate as their God-promised lebensraum
      The Arabs get their Equaliser.

      Whichever comes first.

    2. You can post all the hasbara you want, but peace will only come when Israel stops playing cowboys and indians with Palestinians.

  2. Nice article, Richard. I notice the “Combined Jewish Philanthropies,” which has sponsored the Boston event, also includes the David Project, not only a uber-Zionist group but a fanatically Islamophobic group of haters. Shame on JStreet and Deval Patrick, indeed, for rubbing elbows with such people. But that’s the Democratic Party for you.

  3. Hard to tell who is more craven in bowing to AIPAC — mainstream US politicians or corrupt Arab rulers.

    BEIRUT, (SANA) – Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, on Monday said that the Arabs who provide funds and buy weapons to send to Syria and also send boatloads of opposition fighters do not dare to send even a single bullet to the Gaza Strip which is the subject of a major Zionist aggression because the U.S. and Israel will surely hold them accountable and that is the real challenge.

    In a speech in Beirut on the occasion of the “Day of Ashura,” Nasrallah, in response to statements by a Minister of the Gulf monarchies, calling Arabs as sheep, replied “If you have become sheep, you are free, but in Palestine, Lebanon and several Arab countries there are lions and heroes who make historical victories and shape the future of the nation, as it was the case in southern Lebanon and Gaza today. ”

    The strength and resilience of Palestinian fighters in Gaza forced the occupation to seek a truce. Now the occupation attack three times the same sites, but the missiles are always there to reach the depth of the Zionist entity, he said.

    Nasrallah Severely criticized the position and the statement of the Arab League on Gaza, stressing that this statement is not different than that of 2008 during the aggression on Gaza , pointing out that the Arab countries today are supposed to support and arm Gaza, not play the role of a mediator between Gaza and the Israeli enemy.

    “For us in Lebanon we understood early the lesson in 1982 and this is why we did not fall into despair in 2006 . We simply had no hope on the side of the Arabs We had told them at the time to leave us in peace, even in the future we ask nothing and yet they conspire against us in Lebanon and Syria, as they did against Palestine and against the Gaza Strip,” he added.

    Nasrallah wondered how rockets and missiles Fajr5 , Grad , Cornet and anti-aircraft came to the Gaza Strip, which have been sent despite the blockade which was imposed by some Arabs, pointing out to the role of Syria and Iran in this regard.

    Nasrallah reaffirmed, “Iran, Syria and Hezbollah will not abandon Gaza despite little political misunderstandings here and there and will continue their religious, national, moral and human duty.”

  4. I spent a night and a day online keeping a young Gazan man company while bombs fell all around his house and killed his neighbors. We talked about everything under the sun, to pass the time. He kept his composure so that he could look after his parents and younger brothers and sisters. Maybe some of these politicians ought to do the same; perhaps this slaughter will stop looking so much like a game.

    For all of the criticism against Turkey, Foreign Minister Davutoglu visited Shifa Hospital in Gaza City and emerged weeping. Maybe it would be a good idea for more of the world to visit Gaza and see the horror for themselves, then try to talk about how Israel has the right to defend itself.

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