23 thoughts on “Clinton Blames Iranian Victim for Suffering Caused by Sanctions – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Bob, the US spearheaded the sanctions and used economic blackmail/diplomacy to involve the EU. Any country whom it does not exempt from dealing with Iran faces its own punishment should that county engage in trade or banking with the Iranians. I would think this would be obvious.

    1. It IS obvious. We are not children, we know who calls the shots and how they do it. Sanctions are, as I like to say, war by other means. It is intended to devastate the country and it will.

      If it can possibly be avoided, the CIA prefers to not leave the important matter of regime change to the inhabitants.

      I think that redoubled, vicious sanctions is a holding pattern for Obama until the election, after which I have no idea what will happen.

  2. The UN is doing exactly what it was designed to do — responding to a treaty violation without going to war. Iran is violating the NPT. You can excuse it all you want, but Iran is violating the NPT. Stop the violations, allow the inspections triggered by the violations, and the sanctions end. And let’s not talk about the suffering in Syria, massively extended thanks to Iranian interference. Or is that inconvenient truth off-point?

    1. Outrageously false, you lying POS. The US & EU are in the violation of the NPT by denying Iran its right to a nuclear energy program granted by the NPT.

        1. YOU stay civil and quit pushing immoral, illegal, trillion-costing, all-sides-devastating wars with your shameful lies.
          I don’t owe you civility, only contempt.

          1. Even though I generally probably agree with your views, rather than his, you owe him civility because it’s my blog, not yours. If you disagree with him you say so, even strongly. But terms like POS are not acceptable. There is enough acrimony in the comment threads here without blessing such incendiary language.

          2. That kind of “person” is enabling the killing of millions of people and making a living hell for billions of others… And you’re saying I have to remain polite with it?

            Sorry but no, sir. The very least one must do to that kind of “person” is calling it names.

            You seem to be offended by a quite innocuous word which hasn’t ever hurt anybody… I’m offended by the past and pending massacres, and rightly so. How about getting real?

    2. As Richard points out, you have been peddling your “Iran is violating the NPT” assertion for some time now; however, I can’t recall you ever offering any links to support your position. If you have such links, please provide them so we can judge for ourselves whether the sources they point to are legitimate or not; if you are unwilling or unable to provide such links, then you shouldn’t expect anyone to give you the benefit of the doubt or to take you seriously.

      As a parting shot, let me add that if you really cared about ordinary Iranians and Syrians, then you would call for sanctions on Iran and Syria to be lifted and for all the world to trade with these countries. But you don’t.

  3. It is sad the Iranian people are made to suffer, as has been amply expressed. Left much unsaid so far in this blog, though, is that the Iranian political/religious leadership are the ones who make policy for their country: that including a policy not to reveal the nature of their nuclear program in ways that are unambiguously confirmable. They chose that path: thus it is the Iranian leadership that is to blame for a situation that could be almost immediately reversed should the leaders chose to do so.

    1. Actually, a recent post does sort of address this. There is a report linked to on an article on the front page by Khos Semnani who suggests exactly what you are saying.

    2. “…including a policy not to reveal the nature of their nuclear program in ways that are unambiguously confirmable. ”

      Is this the double standard again, the standard used by pro-Israel folks to separate the kernel of “anti-semtiism” from the chaff of criticism? What about Israel’s nuclear program? This one conforms to no treaty or international standards and is not even acknowledged? Iran has been more forthcoming about its programs than Israel, where the policy is “not to reveal the nature of their nuclear program” period.

      Of course leaders are responsible. When reprisal missiles fall on Tel Aviv, it will be the Israeli leadership that is to blame for a situation that they contrived in the first place.

      It is tragic that Iranians are suffering from these attacks. Clinton claims that the economic damage is due to the Iranians mismanagement of the economy and not the sanctions, yet suggests the sanctions are working! One can’t help but wonder what “work” they are doing if not this?

    3. I do so love it when commenters like you make things up as they go along. No one has ever said that the Iranians have to unambiguously confirm they’re not producing nukes. But even if they did, the NIE & virtually every other credible measure indicates there is no proof Iran is pursuing nukes. Whenever any source claims otherwise, they never provide proof or they temper their claims with language that is so ambiguous as to mean nothing.

      Further there are several other countries who already have such weapons who are at least as dangerous if not moreso than Iran (including Israel). So comments like yours reveal the utmost hypocrisy. If the U.S. and Israel had screamed as loud when N Korea or Pakistan got nukes they’d be a lot more credible.

  4. From the article:
    Hillary Clinton has informed the world that sanctions she championed aren’t causing them to go hungry. Rather the Iranian regime’s mismanagement of the economy is causing the pain:
    SooOOOOoooo…. Does that mean it’s the citizens’ fault for our OWN economic collapse? Or is it the (supposed) representatives of our country that are corrupt…and not taking any credit for it other than war and bailouts and shipment of jobs overseas…and Monsanto getting the go-ahead to kill the WORLD population?

    Someone needs to organize a Citizens Arrest on Hillary and the rest of these liars. Not that it’s gonna change much though…without infiltration (by various means) of the other sectors that need attention/culling…all over the world.

    ~Blessed Be to all~

  5. Btw..even if Iran came-up with one or two nukes, what could they do with them?
    Nothing. Thats what. Not when every other country(that are now in their territory, instigating BS) has upwards of 1000 or more nukes, and various other means to destroy one or two nukes that get set-off.
    In all fairness..the US govt is the single, number one threat of nuclear war of the world, bar none!
    Non-violent protests HAVE NOT, and WILL not change that. They’d rather keep piling on the lies, follow the direction of the money, and cull all non-violent resistance and voices instead. Oh yeah…and kill every one else on the planet while doing so.
    The US Govt, with very high influence from warmongers and banker whores such as Hillary, are COMPLETELY to blame for ALL economic problems around the world. The US dollar was the currency for the world, and the US Govt is to blame for any misappropriation/management of economics, period. All by order of corporate big business, and the banking CARTEL.
    It needs to stop..and once stopped, the citizens of this country need to realize that it’s gonna take DECADES to get anything resembling good change to occur in this country…as well as most of the rest of the world.
    If me and my children have to live under a one world govt, I’d rather die fighting them…and WILL. I wish it could be done non-violently, and will be done non-violently by me if the circumstances allow it…but I will use an exacto knife and cut someone to pieces a 1/4 inch at a time if I have to..which I hope I don’t. For me and my family..especially my children, I most certainly WILL do so.
    But I can’t do anything by myself..so I suppose I’ll die right here, in front of my children, fighting for their future.
    All because that’s how people like Hillary, and those she serves, have set it up to be. I sure as hell didn’t ask for it…did you?
    All because that is the only thing worth fighting for any more.

    “Who’s gonna fight harder, those who think they have everything, or those that know they have nothing?”

    ~Blessed Be to all~

  6. I am an atheist. I believe Moses was a lunatic at best, Jesus was a mythical character, and Mohammed was definitely an uneducated pedophile. At the same time, I would defend anyone’s right, specifically Christians, Jews, and Muslims, to practice their beliefs peacefully, so long as they keep it out of publicly funded institution and government. Why do I say this? Well, they asked Gandhi what he thought of Western civilization, and he said it would be a good idea! I think it’s impossible! My strong belief in logic prevents me from praying to any god. But, I do hope that an alien civilization would one day arrive and either hit the reset button on this planet of sick monkeys. Or, better yet, hold the Western ‘civilization’ accountable for the terrorism that they have unleashed upon the world in the past 500 years. One has to be willfully ignorant to not see the hypocrisy that flows on an hourly basis from US/Europe. Shame on all of you, and if you believe in any god, may you be damned by that same god.

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