30 thoughts on “State Department Officially Removes MEK from Terror List – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The USGOV and the MEK do have two things in common: they will literally get into bed with anyone, and as a result both have zero credibility.

    The Iranians see and know this about the MEK, but the American population still has a ways to go to accept it about their government.

  2. Putting it back into proportions: there is obviously a limitless determination in the US to bring about a regime change in Iran, for an array of reasons – deemed strategically important to the US, and anything that helps in that regard becomes automatically Kosher. Be it cyber-war, eliminating nuclear scientists, strangling the economy, oil import ban, taking out Syria from the Iran axis, anything – the priorities have been lucidly set here. So it is not about the MEK or a new attitude to terror, as postulated here, but rather that this group was simply lucky enough to find itself on the right side of the equation (and thus has been Koshered too).

  3. There is an Obama who talks about offering his hand in peace to Iran. Then there’s the one who is fighting a covert war with computer viruses and now-recategorized terrorists. Since actions speak louder than words, the *real* Obama is not that different from the posturing Republican candidate.

    1. With all fairness to Obama – there is a time factor involved here. Four years ago he was indeed elected on that promise – making a contrast between himself and Bush who saw no benefit in talking to the Iranian regime (having figured out what they really are and what they are really after). But that was then and after few years and several failed attempts Obama has drawn his conclusions and now acts accordingly.

      1. There were, in fact, no failed attempts. There was a successful attempt and Iran agreed to what the US requested in a deal brokered by Brazil and Turkey. Then Obama reneged. You could try to get the history right.

      2. “having figured out what they really are and what they are really after”.

        Please share that with us, particularly ‘what they really are’.

  4. Dozens of prominent US politicos involved, speaking fees of $20-25,000 for 20 minutes, private flights, hire of PR firms and so on – where does the money come from? Bush’s $400 million black budget to destabilize Iran? Elsewhere?

    1. As a leader of the Iranian grassroots movement that Israel had an indisputable and thorough hand in hijacking, and on behalf of Iranians worldwide, I declare your conflation of an IRANIAN (domestic) struggle, which is none of your business, with Iran’s full and legal right to enrichment. All Iranians today have witnessed unabashed and unrestrained Iranophobia come from the same people who are now busy kissing our asses over our personal rights. And indeed, you can continue kissing our asses while you continue your Support for the possession of the most dangerous rogue nuclear program in the world In Israel and try to deny Iran an honest and legal right with Zionist noise.

      Besides, shouldn’t you be banqueting a Palestinian baby instead of weakly trolling this blog entry after entry trying to sabotage it with nonsense and redirection? If we wanted Liked talking points we’d consult Microsoft Clipart Gallery for an illustrative bomb design.

      1. Huh?

        I’m just saying it’s odd that so many in the US (including prominent Democrats) are giving positive attention and supportive words to the MEK while ignoring Mousavi and the Iranian Green Movement.

      2. What`s wrong with you man? You see ghosts everywhere. Israel is trying to hijack the Green revolution? It is behind every plot against Iran? You seem to be totally consumed with hate and paranoia.

          1. Why is Israel very much concerned about Iran? It is not for no reason. Here is a partial selection of statements, just from the recent weeks, emanating from Iran:
            Supreme leader Ayatalloh Khamenei: Israel is cancer in the region; President Ahmedinajad: Israel existence is an insult to all Humanity; Republican-guard chief Jafari: Israel will be destroyed; Parliament speaker Lariani: Tel-Aviv will burn

          2. You offer a few word summary without any links, quotations, etc. You’ll have to forgive us if we’re supremely skeptical. And for every nasty comment from an Iranian leader about Israel I’ll match and raise you one from an Israeli leader. Proving what precisely? That we should lock both sets of leaders in a room with 2 nukes & let ’em destroy each other?

          3. I don`t remember Israeli leaders reaching such extremity in their statements (by the way the validity of all my quotations can be checked instantly in the Google-era). But there is though one key point that is undisputable – all this was STARTED by this Iranian regime. There was no outstanding issue between the two countries that could be seen as a justification for the extreme hostile stance they took vis-à-vis Israel and the main reason seemed to be (apart from inherent fanaticism) their aspiration at the time to reach regional hegemony (for the promotion of which they identified championing anti-Israelism as a useful instrument in gaining popularity in the proverbial “Arab street”). It was a gamble, which indeed worked for a while, but it now backfires (and threatens the future of the very framework of the “Islamic Republic” in Iran).

          4. Rhetoric is inferior to action. NEOZionist meddling is viewed as causing even the capitulation of Mossadegh by the Iranian street nowadays. Perception is superior to the reality (whatever that may be).

          1. For what purpose? Why would Israel want to hijack those movements? Not sure I understand how that would serve their interests.

        1. Read my post – I was IN IT. Were you? Nothing wrong with me – I simply have eyes, ears and a brain. Personal first hand experience. You?

  5. @Tibor: Partial selection of statements indeed. Don’t ever let their context get in the way of your point, you’re right.

    Perhaps though, you’d like to discuss how an Iranian feels to live under a constant threat of war by the US and Israel, which is illegal under international law, and against the UN charter itself. The Champion of Freedom alongside the Only Democracy in the Middle East slowly destroying the lives of 70’000’000 ordinary people.

    Makes for a much more intelligent conversation based on reality and facts, instead of the usual ‘they are crazy and want to kill us all, but only with a nuclear weapon because their chemical weapons stockpile is not bling enough’ fairy tales.

    1. No, they’re not “talking” about it, they’re laughing about it. There’s a difference. Not to mention that when they talk about what Bibi actually said they point out that he postponed for the Nth time the supposed date at which Iran will get a bomb. Meaning his formerly pitiful level of credibility fell even farther.

  6. Iran, for many reasons, enjoys only limited popularity on the “Arab Street.”

    Anti-Zionism is not at the top of every Arab’s priorities, although it should be, but Iran’s negativity against Israel is hardly an inspiration. I don’t think “inherent fanaticism” is a term you really want to use, either, unless you want to give people the wrong impression. Some of us think of Zionism as fanaticism, especially when it results in mass Palestinian casualties, so I guess fanaticism is all in the eye of the beholder.

    Antipathy between Israel and Iran actually goes back less than 20 years. This is interesting: http://www.international.ucla.edu/article.asp?parentid=124424
    “The Islamist government that took power in Iran in 1979 was deeply hostile to all things Western, Zionism not least among them. And yet, the requirements of Iranian national interest trumped ideology to force the Islamic government to cooperate with the hated Jewish state on a number of issues. Once the U.S.-supported Iraqi government invaded Iran, the Persian state turned to Israel for much-needed arms. Phantom fighter planes and weapons for the Iranian army were sent by Israel. One estimate puts Israel’s arms sales to Iran at $500 million annually.”

    1. Its funny you say that because whereas internally the Iranian government faces opposition, I have never met a Muslim outside of Iran who didn’t stop gushing about Iran’s last decade of being the vanguard against Imperialism (“the one who drew the line and took a stand). The old attitudes were that Arabs felt like Iranians were condescending towards them. Today, many Iranians complain of their DOMESTIC struggles only to hear their neighbors on the streets draw love stories about the Supreme Leader. Iran’s poise as to Palestinians is also viewed as a political strategy, but overall, it has placed Iran in a superior position in relation to the Arab League on the issue in the eyes of Arabs on the street.

      1. ‘ Iran’s poise as to Palestinians is also viewed as a political strategy, but overall, it has placed Iran in a superior position in relation to the Arab League on the issue in the eyes of Arabs on the street.’

        Just what has Iran done for the Palestinians?

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