11 thoughts on “Romney Roils Middle East Waters With Diversions from U.S. Policy and Insults to Palestinians – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. American Conservatism is a creaking and groaning system of stage machinery designed to hide that the GOP is just the goon of the banking and “defense” industries, and that if you aren’t a corporate honcho, Republicanism has nothing for you. Romney is so clueless, he’s setting the machinery on fire and calling it progress.

  2. Ahmadinejad: ” why would [Romney] make ‘concessions to get some pennies for [his] campaign?'” Source:

    This is a:
    1. Violation of US sovereignty – he is pandering for expatriate votes on the basis that they have illegally not denounced their citizenship here and continue to divest from the interests of actual residents and Americans. He has wandered beyond our borders and also manifested diplomatic capacity in the form of altering imminent and vital policies relating to Iran. He has insulted an ally without defense or justification. He is not actually a member of our government and should not carry this capacity as a civilian, lest he be anointed a propos; and,
    2- Violation of Moral Decency – he has given Ahmadinejad a pedestal, and this one is supported firmly by truth.

    1. You & I may not agree with right wing expat dual citizen American Jews living in Israel. But they have every right to donate money to Romney and vote for him. They’re only using a system that’s open & available to them & all expat Americans around the globe. Singling these particular Americans out for denunciation is hypocritical.

      1. I would argue, conversely, that expatriate is not a hollow adjective. The hypocrisy, in my view, arises when one moves to a foreign land and then continues to interfere with the sovereign politics of the land they no longer are residents within. I would argue the same for expatriates anywhere abroad.

        But especially here, where iVoteIsrael has targeted expatriates LIVING IN WEST BANK SETTLEMENTS. Yikes.

        Look, being American on paper means diddly squat. People didn’t die for the right to vote so some settler in Israel can meddle with American politics.

        1. Sorry, you may not like the Constitution, but as long as one is a citizen they have the right to vote. If you want to change the laws about citizenship & voting be my guest. Till you succeed, citizens can vote wherever they live, even if it’s not the U.S.

  3. “It’s government, ‘not cultures’ that define the difference between Israelis and Palestinians.”

    And just how is it that the Palestinians have a history of being ruled by corrupt f*ckups? Inquiring minds would like to know! It’s not because Israel and the U.S. want it that way, is it?

    1. Israel is ruled by corruption, as well. In the case of Palestinian organizations, some have been corrupted by the US and Israel. I leave it to others here to expand, because I don’t have time now.

    2. Well, I don’t have much time either 🙂 but here’a very recommendable documentary (24 minutes) that everyone should really see:
      It’s called “Donor Money” and is a Palestinian critique of what you could also call “the misdeeds of Fayyadism” or “How the EU buy social peace in Palestine by subsidizing (including the collaborators in the Mouqataa – my personal pow) in order to facilitate Israel’s colonization”
      I haven’t seen it recently so I’m not sure it’s in this documentary but someone brilliantly explained that consumerism and bank loan facilities have been strongly encouraged in Palestine, because when you have a new kitchen, a new car and a giant tv screen, you’re less likely to go fight the occupation.

    3. Not to mention that Israel’s leaders are just as corrupt & incompetent as any Palestinian leader. Israel’s corruption & incompetence is on a far grander scale than anything Palestine can muster. The only difference is that Israel actually elects its corrupt & incompetent leaders, while Palestine doesn’t (yet).

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