11 thoughts on “Join IDF’s Virtual Hasbara Army – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Unlike you of course who has a ton of military experience in Israel (and Mossad/Shin Bet experience) so you can mouth off daily about these subjects.

  2. Hi Richard

    thank you for all the hard work you do. your decency renews my hope that not all jews are the same. god bless you. just one thing, i wish you could go to iran with me one day so i could show you iran and you could scour every corner you wish and see iran is not one millionth as bad as those warmangerers in israel lead eveyone to believe. i promise you that you will come back, loving iranians.

  3. The only proper response is a counter-game, admittedly devoid of reality or opinion, but something like “Freedom Fight!” in which players advance through insurgent networks by undoing the right wing security state through information dissemination in cyber space. Were it not for legitimate attachment to principles, RS would already be perhaps a “Commandant.” My Commandant!

    One does get the feeling that much of cyber space war is actually just so routine and devoid of belief or feeling or facts, for that matter.

  4. This is like those 1930’s Japan-America Friendship badges the Imperial government handed out to Americans who were interested in Japan, promoted Japanese culture, etc.

    I heard we would attach those badges to the bombs we dropped on Tokyo….

  5. Hey, we could do an SS version too, right? You could earn a virtual Iron Cross … well, maybe not *you*, Richard …

  6. I think you should apply for the ‘virtual hasbarist’ position at the IDF, Richard 🙂

    Exposing Israel’s sins and the criminal occupation will ensure that the world will help in ensuring that eventually Israel will be forced to do the right thing. This means that Israel’s long term security will be ensured. If the IDF top brass have any foresight, they’ll realise that if the current status quo continues, Israel will be history in the future.

    In this respect you and your ilk would be the best ‘hasbarists’.

    If you do apply, let us know what happens 😉

    1. You would hire Richard “and his ilk” to join you? But you get pathetic pay. Consider raising the fee schedule and we will broker the agreement for Richard “and his ilk”.

    1. Not so, there are many of us. I wouldn’t say we’re standing up to the “Zionists” so much as those who are making a mess of things for Israel including some Israelis & some Zionists. OK, many of both!

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