8 thoughts on “Big Brother, Israeli Censor, to Monitor Journalists’ Social Media Accounts – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. As an Israeli citizen I commend you for your work for freedom and democracy. both of which are in tatters in this country I live in, Israel.

    Please! The jugular over here is NOT Bibi and the IDF. They are all supported and paid and maintained by an insane public that has gone over the top in thinking they can do whatever they want. The problem is the public thinks they run the world.

    The problem is that Obama and AIPAC have signed blank checks for Israel for so long, at home, in the UN, and everywhere else — that the Israeli public believes they have permanent rights to abuse and ignore any citizens, Palestinians, Turks, Egyptians, or even Americans — any time they want!

    It is YOUR GOVERNMENT, and YOUR AIPAC that is feeding this. Stop them. Nip it in the bud. If you only kicked out Bibi, he would be replaced the next day by Netanyahu II.

  2. is it just the translation, or does ‘the censor’s’ continuous references to herself or her office in the third person (‘The censor can only touch things that are likely to harm the security of the state …’) sound creepy? not to overstate the point, but these people are pathological.

    1. I don’t read Hebrew and English is my second language, but with these caveats that actually makes sense to me. In the quote you offered she refers to the powers of her office, regardless who holds it, rather than to her personally. If she’d said, “Col. Vaknin-Gil can only touch…”, now that would be creepy, but she didn’t, as far as I can see.

  3. Was this article written by Erika Schultz or Richard Silverstein? I saw the article posted at another site which gives Richard Silverstein credit for the post, however I don’t see his name here.

  4. I don’t understand what sort of information is a threat to “Israeli (national?) security”. Apart from the locations of military equipment and other hard targets and technical discussions of computer technology, what could help an enemy?

    (Same goes for USA “national security”. I think both are bogeys invented by the security-state(s) as cons to grab power over the public and to instil fear and to defeat justice — when governments refuse to allow presentation of secret evidence.)

    But if reference to a PUBLIC BLOG could be taken as a threat to Israeli security, then it is all a joke, because the information is all public anyway — other than, perhaps, the tone of referrer’s approval of the already-public information.

  5. Just as a funny aside, the image on the Ha’aretz article has the second “o” in “facebook” obscured by the magnifying glass effect, so it reads “facebok”. “Bok” means “shit” in Turkish, so who could fault me for thinking of Joseph Heller’s Col. Scheisskopf?

  6. I suppose non-public military information would be the target, but this is such a rare commodity that it hardly rates over-arching intrusion into the public internet and the announcement of such an intrusion. The big announcement is what puzzles me.

    Do they really think they can control “leaks” in this way? I don’t think so. The “sophisticated” methodologies” are perhaps a sham. The government is just trying some theatre to discipline journalists perhaps. They can’tcontrol everything but they like to fantasize that they can. Could this be it? Just another shot in the war against freedom?

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