4 thoughts on “Israeli Universities Cave to Pressure from Far-Right NGOs, Sponsor ‘Academic’ Hasbara Training Programs – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This is a very long and complicated post. It’s unclear what the takeaway is meant to be. Can you boil it down to a sentence or two?

      1. I just meant that the post is kind of confusing. Multiple paragraphs with numerous citations and a variety of different groups and names and terminology (including some unfamiliar acronyms/labels).

        It would be really helpful if you could sort of give a concise summary of what it all means. A little “Cliff’s Notes” version would go a long way!

        Thanks in advance.

      2. I would be more aroused and upset if the right wing were attempting to legitimize right wing (fascist) views by opening up the universities to all viewpoints and benefiting from propaganda along that line.

        I think it was Lenin who observed that (in the pre-revolutionary Russian state) the “worse it is, the better.” Closing down critical thinking at these universities will give wings to the academic boycott efforts (as you observe)and, at the same time, drive the best and brightest out of Israel for an education. Israel will lose some of its prestige as a thriving intellectual and creative center, which is close to the last shred of decency associated with the state. A handful of settlers and right wing ideologues cannot keep the public imprisoned indefinitely. Unfortunately, a war will delay the dissolution of this fascist Israel.

        There is a new study of the complicity of churches and universities in Nazi Germany with state policies and practices, including the Holocaust. “Complicity in the Holocaust” Robert P. Erickson published by Cambridge University Press. Maybe they should teach Complicity 101 at TAU, as well? Or are such Holocaust studies now “Post Zionist?”

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