11 thoughts on “Bronner Leaving as NY Times Israel Correspondent, Jodi Rudoren, Known for Pro-Israel Reporting, to Assume Job – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. i was wondering why i hadn’t heard of rudoren/wilgoren before: a few of her last articles in the NYT before this reassignment include ‘ode to a snowbank’ and some other nonsense about buzz lightyear and similar fluff. setting aside her apparent biases, it’s a bit much to expect an independent streak from someone who has just been the beneficiary of the biggest promotion of her life. from cartoon characters to israel bureau chief. there wasn’t someone more qualified for the job?

  2. You write “who will not stray from a liberal Zionist line ” about NYT reporters. All I can say is, “Good God! Was Bronner a “liberal”? does “liberal” include hiding the facts and hiding elements of international law and human rights abuses? I should have thought his more correct characterization was “hard-line right-wing Zionist”, (or, perhaps, “Israeli government lap dog”, since he was getting along so very well with the government and never challenging (or, often, even describing or admitting) its worst policies and actions.

    Maybe this sort of thing is what gave “liberal” such a bad name.

  3. “the Palestinian militant group seeking Israel’s destruction” -s
    Excuse me, but isn’t that exactly what they are!???

    1. And that is what they were (same charter) when Israel funded them (veritably upstarting them) as a counterweight to Arafat’s PLO

  4. Richard: Hamas ABSOLUTELY IS “the Palestinian militant group seeking Israel’s destruction.”

    Why do you run away from the TRUTH?


    You KNOW this! Why do you scorn REALITY?

      1. Though i am sure you are aware of statements made by Hamas officials who vowed to kill all Jews in Palestine (and define Palestine as the land between the River and the sea) i doubt you would be able to find similar Israeli official statements.

        Sure we have out share of crazy rabbis (who should be stoned do death in my honest opinion) but they are not part of the government, have no authority and considered a very minor group.

        And one more minor different.

        Hamas convent calls for the destruction of Israel and eradication of all Jews (You included)
        Our scroll of independence doe’s not call for the destruction or eradication of anyone.

        1. You doubt that Israeli generals & political leaders have made exterminationist statements about Palestinians & issued vows to expel them & never recognize a Palestinian state? There is a long history of such rhetoric & literally thousands of examples.

          References to the Hamas covenant (I think you’re confusing Hamas with Christianity in referring to their “convent”) are off-topic. As for the Declaration of Independence, the day when Israel honors anything in it related to non Jewish citizens would be a red letter day. You’ll have to let us know when that happens.

  5. Why do you seem resistant to the idea of labeling Hamas as a terrorist organization but have no qualms doing so with respect to MEK?

    Many more countries around the world consider Hamas to be a terror group than MEK, yet you appear uncomfortable using that sort of language with Hamas while using it readily with MEK.

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