11 thoughts on “IDF Promotes Disgraced Commander to Prestigious New Post – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It is so easy for us ‘armchair generals’ to criticize men who make command decisions under fire.

    What command decisions did we make today?
    ‘Hmm….which necktie will go better with my blue sports jacket…Hmm?’

    I also imagine that its easier to smear a military man from 2000 miles away with a keypad than it is to tell him that he’s derelict right to his face.

    C’est le guerre.

    1. If you read the links I offered you’d know that Hirsch came under the sharpest criticism not from me but from Doron Almog and one of Hirsch’s own sub commanders during the war. Their criticism was strenuous and public. I merely repeated it. I take it you’re not going to call them “arm chair generals,” now are you?

        1. I would say this one is “hilarious”.

          Inorder to show the brigadier Hirsch in poor light, RS has not refrained from calling Hezbollah a primitive fighting force.

  2. Netanyahu has been dying to plant military commanders that are in line with his demands to achieve regime change in Iran and the United States. 😉 Consequently, this will destroy Israel like a Project for a New American Century theory in practice, aka the Neocon agenda, that was executed like a boxing match between two men with no arms. Simply: they have grandiose schemes, short term interests, and neglect the details over the long-term because the details – the important ones – are, well, “collateral damage”.

    This guy has an axe to grind. Would it be far fetched to think that if he might sign on to a vindication by taking on the mother of the resistance militia that kicked his ass out of Lebanon? It’s not like he didn’t drop cluster bombs in civilian areas on the way out or use depleted uranium and other lingering hazmats on women and children.. oh wait, he did. This man will commit pure evil and call it honor just to vindicate his ego. At his lead is a megalomaniac with a messiah complex and hundreds of rogue nuclear weapons that could eradicate humanity in a quick flash.

    And someone (ANYONE) is trying to convince me that the Iranians who cannot even produce a reasonable domestic battery will now overtly notify the world of their intent to produce a nuke, spend a window of an entire year building said nuke, and sputter over a rocket to Israel while the world idly sits by and watches without having even so much as tested a nuke in the first place to see if things will work out. I’m sure they will photoshop the results. fml…

    1. Did he mention me? No. It was a joke & a funny one.

      To fill in for non-Hebrew speaking readers: Doron Rosenbloom wrote a piece of political satire in which he criticized lots of harmful attitudes of the Israeli military-intelligence community. He mentions an American blogger in a humorous way clearly referring to me in the most generic way possible.

      In general, he was flaying precisely the same Israelis that I flay regarding an Iran attack.

  3. You know, when I first read the title of the article, I thought it was something different. I had read that right before the war started, some Israeli commander had sold all of his stock on the Tel Aviv Exchange. I wonder what happended to him? I hope this is not the same guy?

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