14 thoughts on “Gingrich and Adelson Promise After Settling West Bank, They’ll Colonize Moon – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The Israeli Lobby and the Pro-Apartheid Israelis should be the subject of ridicule

    Wouldn’t be wonderful if Chris Matthews, Rachel, John Stewart just laughed these lying buffoons off the stage instead of pretending they are some chosen Royals whose word and intelligence and spin always has to be just swallowed and never challenged?

  2. Now, if ALL the settlers and non-peace Israelis would just move to the moon * * *. We (k)new(t) Newt was a loonie. But he deserves company.

    Actually, returning briefly to earthly matters, if the settler movement could have its way and expel all the non-Jews (“existing non-Jewish communities”, as the old phrase puts it), creating a sort of first-level of purity, would they be satisfied? Or would they have to achieve even greater purity by expelling the existing non-sufficiently-Jewish communities as well?

    If so, wouldn’t it be a kick to see the old secular Jewish folks who, after all, started Israel on its glorious usurptious and expellatory path, expelled in their turn, a ladder (so to speak) to be used to climb the wall and then kicked down when one (here, the settlers) have reached the top of the wall.

    But shooting the moon would be better for all concerned, The Palestinians are a down-to-earth folk, connected with real connections to the land.

    1. “… would they be satisfied?”

      By definition, nothing satisfies true greed nor nationalism nor religious zealotry and the settlers’ movement epitomises all three.

      1. Why doesn’t Newt live on the moon himself? Should be some good looking, younger women up there. And sex is maybe easier or at least interesting at 1/6 normal gravity. Santorum can accompany him and bring the condoms…

  3. I haven’t been following the primary nonsense too closely, but I gather Newt shot himself in the foot in a recent debate and his chance to win Florida might be slipping away. Which would be a darn shame–he’s been a great source of entertainment.

    Though on a more serious note, it’s really depressing the kinds of candidates we’ve got running. I never expect to like any successful Presidential candidate from either party, but on the Republican side most of them seem even crazier and/or more sociopathic than usual.

  4. I really like the idea of Jewish settlements and Adelson Casinos on the moon. They are strange bedfellows after all. We could rename the moon The RiffRaff Colony.

  5. Finally a people without a moon for a moon without a people!

    I’m glad that you went with that punchline. It’s priceless.

  6. Wait a second! I think I’m one of the indigenous Moon People. I have a deed (found it in the basement, left from the previous owner), signed by the Lunar Embassy in the State of Israel, which makes me a proud owner of a plot on the lighted side of the Moon.

    On behalf of all the Lunar People, I welcome the Earth lunatics to go to our ancestral homeland and stay there. We will provide you all the moral support you need.
    I’ll stay on Earth in the meantime, ‘cus I prefer oxygen-rich atmosphere.

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