7 thoughts on “Bruce Riedel: Netanyahu’s Goal is ‘Regime Change’…in Washington – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. I don’t think Adler is the first to ruminate on what might be “necessary” to make Israel safe. This “option” has surely circulated in Israeli government circles. If Congress is willing to sign a loyalty oath to Israel, Adler’s option is just another step down the road. American support for Israel has always been troubled by dual loyalties. So, Adler publicly threatened US national security, but hasn’t been arrested. Why not?

      I just hope this guy’s enthusiasm for assassination blows up in the face of the Lobby.

      But this is off-topic for now.

  1. I still think the Israelis are showboating. Even cancelling the joint exercise could be building credibility for an attack in order to move sanctions and Obama even further down the road. As long as an Israeli attack is utterly credible, things will happen, strings will be pulled.

    But I could be wrong. Good summary of current thinking.

  2. “Regime change on the Potomac”…

    Regime change in Tel Aviv would be way better. In this regard, it would be awesome to see Hanin Zoabi become the Absolute Dictatress of Israel, wouldn’t it? 😉

  3. I would think the reverse would be true as well. That is to say that Obama’s goal is “Regime Change” in Israel. I get that sense that things would be much more positive had Livni been PM.

    1. Things would be little different if Livni were PM. And I say this with sorrow as I yearn for a leader who can lift Israel from this morass. Israel will find no help in her. At best she will rearrange the deck chairs & Israel might put on a slightly more humane face. But not much more.

      1. Livini was a respectable moderate candidate who had the prospect of continuing and even advancing the peace process.

        With Netanyahu, there is absolutely no chance for peace.

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