22 thoughts on “The Sad Case of Aussie Dave – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thank you for the retraction, Richard.

    The prank does nothing but enhance your credibility. After all, it takes time and effort. Anybody can make a mistake. As I said before to err is human.

  2. You know what I noticed? That people that go around calling themselves “sane guy”, rarely live up to the hype. Hence the need for advertising.

    1. People who advertise themselves as sane generally aren’t.

      As for who is the loser, well, I think it goes without saying. As always, Richard, your journalism is admirable and I’m proud to know you. Keep up the good work, and happy new year!

  3. Don’t flinch.

    But bear in mind that those trying to expose the “true identities” of both Medawar and Shacwatch have managed to finger persons with no connection whatsoever.

  4. It must be disconcerting to know that there is someone so obsessed with you that he not only creates a false identity but even publishes addresses and phone numbers of yourself and your wife and slanders your family. Good for you to try to out this coward. There is no apology needed for the mistake. Better luck next time!

  5. But why did you decide to so hastily expose him, without verifying first?
    What is the goal in exposing a rival blogger?
    Do you have your first communication with him in the archives?

  6. Aussie Dave claims the following on his website:

    “I reiterate that I have never myself posted his contact details. Commenters have linked to places on the web where he has, and at least one commenter (like in the previous post) has posted the details…”

    Can you provide a link to where he posted your personal information?

    1. He’s lying. Commenters have published the details of my private information explicitly on his site. He approved the comments. He refused to take them down. I have the screenshot and link to the page in question. If you think I’m going to offer the link publicly to anyone so they can access the information more readily, you’re mistaken. If you wish to find it you can. I’m not going to help you find out how since you clearly don’t have my interests at heart.

      1. Then black out the offending information before publishing the screenshot. I, for one, see no particular reason to trust you unless you start providing evidence.

          1. If he indeed do so, I will be happy to call him out on it. Since you have now indeed outed him, I think that you had better prove that you are justified in doing so.

      2. Just tried to figure out why you have to pay so much attention to him. Obviously that’s all he wants.
        I do support your cause, I’m just sorry to see that you immerse yourself in this feud with a far less competent opponent.
        Love your work.

  7. Aussie Dave makes bloggers like you more appreciated. His blog lacks credibility and is all about keeping the myths alive.
    Why bother even acknowledging this fool. Giving him your attention is just what he wants. Anyone ,other than purblind orthodoxy, wouldn’t take this guy seriously and its quite obvious he is just another bigot. Forget about this fool and leave him in his sewer.

  8. Richard, I currently find myself under attack by this vile creature for daring to support Palestine- he has made vile remarks and tagged me on many posts as antisemitic– what can be done to counter this? How do I report my image and the article he made from being shared on his Web page, FB and Twitter have removed it, but the Web page is different.

    1. @ Kris Doyle: If the image is yours you file a DMCA infringement claim with his web host. If the web host in in the U.S. they will have to take it down immediately. But this is like sticking your finger in a dike. He can play cat & mouse & find another picture & put that one up.

      Depending on what Australian libel & copyright laws are like, you could file a claim against him in Australia. But that’s usually a long drawn out process & you may not want to go that route.

      Basically, he’s a jackass. A misogynist jackass as well.

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