5 thoughts on “Call to Close Ben Gurion University Department for Alleged ‘Leftist’ Bias – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. Considering the story derives at least in good part to the trashy story published by Yediot you might want to take it up with them. Not to mention that you don’t prove any charge you’ve made with any evidence. You’re on trial here bud not me. Prove it.

      I think we’ve got ourselves a real live Im Tirzu follower here, folks. Trying to keep the BGU campus pure and holy for the “Zionist (or is that “Jewish”?) race.”

  1. No question, Israel descends dans la merde, when university courses are called in question. University teachers should be able to say what they want. Its up to the students to accept or not what their profs have to say.

    To impose a point of view, frankly its a waste of time. The students will accept what they want to.

  2. Rather than close it for left-wing bias, couldn’t they simply balance it by means of a merger with St Andrews?

  3. this is an outrage!! we should respect the capacity of the students, to hear the entire spectrum of opinions and then make up their own mind. what are so afraid of? ANYBODY should be able to say what he wants anytime with no exception, especially proffesors!! they know what they are talking about. i am studyung in bgu and i’m ashamed

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