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  1. Hello,
    from what I’ve read in this website, the holocaust, and the ongoining effort by Arabs since 1900 to anihilate Israel, isn’t important backgroundinformation which makes it easier to see that Israel is the target for continued attack. Once that is corrected, it would ease the writer/s in understanding why for instance it is perfectly legal and called for, to extradict a terrorist from Ukraine to his permanent residence in an Israeli jail.

    1. Abusisi wasn’t “extradited” from Ukraine. He was kidnapped. There was no legal process whatsoever. Or perhaps you believe that terrorists should just be killed on sight without offering any proof of their alleged crimes. By the way, do YOU have any proof that he’s a terrorist besides the claims of the Shabak, which don’t carry a shred of supporting evidence??

      1. As one who served a lifetime with Israel security, whoever lives outside cannot begin to appreciate that it enables Israel’s existence. I do agree though, after just one day here, that Israel’s worst enemies come from within. Hitler and Ahmadinejad to mention a couple.

        1. Israel’s existence would have been guaranteed by its original purpose: becoming one of the family of nations. But it has a problem getting along with not only its neighbors but the rest of the world. It’s a matter of time before it all falls apart. Dismantling democracy even if only for Jewish citizens is going to accelerate this decline. Even the United States, Israel’s only “friend,” won’t be able to help. If you think totalitarianism, kidnapping, perpetual war, occupation, militarism, and extremism is going to help you, just look at Stalin’s Russia or the Third Reich. You’re doomed.

        2. Israeli security, as practiced by its Shabak, Mossad & even much of its army doesn’t “enable” its existence. It actually in many ways endangers it. Are you arguing that Hitler & Ahmadinejad were Jewish or are you just babbling incoherently? If you’re arguing Ahmadinejad is Jewish you must’ve read that at Debka or some other suitably lurid site. He’s not.

          At any rate, this is totally off topic & one of my comment rules is to stay ON TOPIC. Remember that.

  2. Be not too optimistic, expecting Israel’s Supreme Court to substantially help this guy or anyone else, Arab in particular, against the security establishment.

    The Supreme Court would traditionally provide some civilised sound-effects to such passing “Zionist” convoys (“The dogs bark, yet the convoy passes”), knowing too well that in such cases its rulings were most likely to be circumvented (or ignored outright). The court would often get engaged in protracted losing battles to enforce its feeble rulings until their relevance faded away.

    Now, that the powers to be justly consider themselves mighty enough to dampen even these soundbits, the Supreme Court finds itself regularly protracted in rear-guard battles, trying to defend what’s left of its own mere independence. This is not a force able to tame the security establishment.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. The Court is hopeless on security issues in spite of the bragging about its “world renowned reputation” by lib Zionists like Jeffrey Goldberg & Gershom Gorenberg.

      But Abusisi’s only recourse is the Court I’m afraid. That & possibly lawsuits in Ukraine & before the European Court of Justice which won’t directly affect Israel.

      1. Such bragging takes place (and such reputation survives) thanks to the more-or-less effective gag, in most mainstream media, on news-items and commentary uncomfortable to Israeli authorities.

      2. Hopeless? what do you know about Israel justice? how many innocents has it hung?
        How does that European court relate to something outside its jurisdiction?
        Are you familiar with Israel- Ukraine LOA regarding security cooperation? what do you know about Ukraine’s security procedures dealing with terrorists? what do you know outside CIA facts worldbook about Ukraine, to understand and comment about my state of origin in a valid way? ever lived there?

        1. what do u know about my Ukraine? i know that mossad’s operation which was made on sovereign Ukrainian territory was illegal. it was an act of human rights violations, regarded as such by the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human rights. his wife has sued ukrainian president. to tell anth about ukrainian security procedures dealing with terorists, u d 1st prove Abu Sisi was terrorist. he is not terrorist and israeli never proved the opposite. all ur dirty accusations r fake.

        2. I know quite a bit about Israeli justice. Israel has imprisoned many innocents, many it hasn’t even charged with a crime & some for decades. Hanging isn’t the worst offense a nation can commit. In some cases, throwing someone in prison for decades for little or no reason is a sentence as bad or worse than death. But what would you know about that. You’ve only thrown people in prison & not been on the receiving end of such punishment & suffering.

          The European Court has jurisdiction over Ukraine. And if that country is sued it will put pressure on it to be more forthcoming which will in turn embarrass Israel. But you didn’t know that because you’re both ignorant of the Abusisi case & of the Ukraine’s legal status. Looks like you should be doing some educating of yrself about European justice.

          The Ukraine had no reason to consider Abusisi a terrorist as they instituted no proper legal investigation nor received any evidence that Abusisi was one. And indeed he isn’t.

          ANd yes, I’ve lived in Israel and speak the language fluently, read its newspapers in Hebrew every day & consult with numerous sources inside Israel also virtually every day. And I also have sources inside Ukraine who’s informed me about the case there & the BBC created a documentary about this case partially based on my original reporting about it.

          Touche bud. Now it’s your turn. ANything to say?

  3. Ukraine is a country, and Ukrainian secret service is not.

    Secret service, or even Prime Minister, has no right to allow a kidnapping.

    Then there is a little problem that the case against Abusisi is unusually preposterous. The leaked allegations were tall tales that were absolutely implausible.

    My conclusion is that perhaps even Israeli system of secret trials can have hard time to produce a verdict, so Abusisi will be an eternal prisoner without a trial. Since his release would humiliate the State (worse than a security risk), Courts in Israel will be sufficiently patriotic not to do anything.

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